Games in gifs: "Divine" goaltending and that P thing

This game caused several heart attacks, I heard. Everybody okay?

Jay went totally gif-gaga as she usually does after a huge game. THIS game is huge. How huge? Read the recap.

This is a long post, so brace yourself.

Here goes...

NO ONE has on- and off-court swagger like Clutch. He definitely had his eyes on Tucker that night.


Coach Parsons (CP- get it?) on hand to support his guys. What's with the hand wave, CP? SMH


Let's start with a nice Lin-Harden combo: a bounce pass from Jeremy resulting in a backdoor cut by James. .



This isn't the first time they've done this. Let's go back to that first ever Lin-Harden game...


Ah, they've come so far...

Anyway, back to now.

Greg's put-back dunk.

Let's all agree that James intended that pass, okay?


Greg needed to be fed. He wanted an alley-oop dunk.

This feed from Cisco was too low.


Jeremy was on point, but Greg was fouled. The dunk became a lay-up and and-1.


Whoa-O, Omer!

Our "quiet" Turk has been surprising us lately.

The Suns had a time-out after this shot. When the game commenced, the Suns were suddenly swarming around O.


PatBev caught a steal and dunk at one point, but the cameraman didn't catch it. Wish we could have giffed that.

Was it just mewho felt as if the Suns were helping us win?

Here's a Dragic cross-court pass - to Jeremy!


Thanks, Dragic.

This victory, of course, would not be complete without our honorary Rocket, Jermaine O'neal.

Dude, what are you doing? Thanks for the and-1, but what are you doing?!


Unfortunately for the Suns, this wasn't the end of JO's antics.

The Hand of God

So James shot a 3 (okay, who here did not expect that? YOU LIE!) which clanked against the rim and backboard. Ugh, overtime, right? WRONG! JO tipped it out - every Rocket on-court started signalling goaltend - except Jeremy, who probably did not see it from his vantage point.


JO clearly did not want OT.


Everyone went crazy when the refs ruled it goaltending, giving the Rockets 3 points to win over the Suns.


Jeremy and Patrick go ham on James.


James is loving it.


Jeremy still couldn't believe it.


Oh, that P thing... Play-offs!!!!!!!!!!


(pic from

Dang, I'm exhausted. Thanks again to Jay for these gifs.

Just in case you didn't know - Jay lives in Asia and I live in Europe.


Have an awesome day, Shakers. Go, Rockets!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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