Houston Rockets vs. Phoenix Suns game preview

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The Rockets and Suns wrap up their season series tonight in Phoenix.

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The Rockets finish their final back-to-back (F you Stern) tonight with the Phoenix Suns. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Lakers only have one game left and it's against the Rockets in LA.

So, this is a game the Rockets have to win if they want the 6 seed (I feel like I've written this before). The Warriors play the Spurs tonight at 9:30pm CST. Should the Rockets win and the Warriors lose, the Rockets are guaranteed the 6 spot. Basically, the magic number is 2, so winning out also assures that seed. However, we all know the Lakers might be hungry for the 8 seed and the Warriors close at Portland, so who knows how this will turn out.

As for the Suns, Phoenix should want to lose. First off, for their own pick to have better odds of being #1. Secondly, a loss for the Rockets might mean we won't play our A team against the Lakers should the Lakers indeed need that win on Wednesday to clinch. Remember, Phoenix gets LA's first round pick if it's in the lottery.

And no matter what, remember that the Rockets will always be grateful to Jermaine O'Neal for helping them clinch their playoff spot this season.

I'm sorry that the last few previews haven't been fantastic, but with our school year winding down and the tests coming fast and furious, it's been difficult. The good news is that the first few games of our playoff series should come during a "down" week, so I can do more then.

So on a programming note, I want to know what you guys would want to see from playoff game previews. I've never had to write any and while I'm really excited, I'm worried that I'll write the same things 4-7 times. I'm going to go through some backlogs of other SBN sites and see what some of them have done to keep the previews fresh, but any input from you guys would be warmly accepted (unless you suggest I resign; then I will coldly accept).

Prediction for tonight: Rockets grind one out 121-107.

Tip-off at 8pm CST.

For a Suns perspective, check out Bright Side Of The Sun

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