Martell Webster: 2013 Rocket. Print it.

Let's list the givens.

1. 56.8 million is the 2013 salary of the Wizards

2. 70.3 is the luxury tax threshold. 58 million is the salary cap. So that gives around 13 million dollars for the wizards to work with.

3. If Wizards sign Martell, there will be 6 more spots left on the roster. Take 13 million, subtract websters salary, and divide by 6.

4. 8 million a year for Martell, then 4 million for 6 ppl?

5. the rockets are 55 million in 2013 with 15 million to work with. With a giant 6 million team option for flexibility.

So that's a 21 million pay day to work with. With another 6.5 million in non guanteed contracts. That's 27 million for 6 players! It's enough to grab Martell Webster for 8 million and grab 19 million for other contracts. Let's say Dorell Wright, David West/Brand (cheaper?), Paul Millsap(maybe) AND overpay for Luol Deng for a trade thingie.

The 2013 cap space for the rockets is super flexible. I would not be suprised if the Rockets decide to go for gold and grab a deep deep bench.

In any case, I'd like to see an entire lineup of wings

Harden, Webster, Wright, Parsons, Asik.

You want 4 out 1 in? There YOU go.


You would probably not have mchale coach as the lineups available to him would blow his little mind.

I am pretty gungho on having Wright and Webster on the same team next year. Kindah like if you took delfino and garcia and gave them 20 year old legs. Is it better to grab one more superstar or two potential superstars? (76ers have too much cap space to not be able to hold onto Wright--although, reupping Bynum would be instantly put them in the same situation as the Wizards.

Here's to the idiocy of the BAD teams with nothing but long and guaranteed contracts.

Morey, I look forward to your 2013 shark frenzy. May you and Cuban feast on the entrails of the perpetual, perennial and poorly managed lottery pickin' basketball franchises!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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