Those Voting For This Year's MIP Award Must Be Blind - Omer Asik In 6th Place!?!?!?

What a travesty/joke/abomination/(insert your own word) this year's Most Improved Player Vote turned out to be. Once again it seems that this award is only for those that go from being a really good player to being voted into the all-star game. Granted, Paul George greatly improved this year but I don't think there are too many stats that affirm him as the 2012/2013 Most Improved Player.

If I had a vote this year I would have given my vote to either Nikola Vucevic or our own Omer Asik as they seem to be more worthy recipients than George. Do the stats lie? Sure don't seem like it. Did George really improve more than the 225 point differential that the voter's say he improved over Asik this year? Sure doesn't seem like it.

Take a look at these stats from the previous two years.

Paul George with 311 pts

29:41min/12.1ppg/5.6rbg/2.4apg/1.8stls/44.0 FG%/16.5PER/6.0WinShares

37:36min/17.4ppg/7.6rpg/4.1apg/1.6stls/41.9 FG%/16.8PER/9.0WinShares

Greivis Vasquez with 146 pts

25:48min/8.9ppg/2.6rpg/5.4apg/0.9stls/43.0 FG%/14.2PER/2.3WS

34:23min/13.9ppg/4.3rpg/9.0apg/0.8stls/43.3 FG%/16.3PER/3.8WS

Larry Sanders with 141 pts

12:24min//3.6ppg/3.1rpg/0.6asp/0.6stls/45.7 FG%/13.3PER/1.0WS

27:18min/9.8ppg/9.5rpg/1.2apg/0.7stls/50.6 FG %/18.7PER/6.0WS

Nikola Vucevic with 109 pts

15:54min/5.5ppg/4.8rpg/0.6apg/0.7blks/45.0 FG%/14.3PER/1.8WS

33:12min/13.1ppg/11.8rpg/1.9apg/1.0blks/51.9 FG%/17.8PER/5.7WS

Jrue Holiday with 102 pts

33:47min/13.5ppg/3.3rpg/4.5apg/1.6stls/43.2 FG%/14.7PER/4.2WS

37:30min/17.7ppg/4.2rpg/8.0apg/1.6stls/43.1 FG%/16.7PER/3.3WS

Omer Asik with 86 pts

18:24min/3.1ppg/5.3rpg/0.5apg/1.0blks/50.6 FG%/13.4PER/2.6WS

30:24min/10.1ppg/11.7rpg/0.9apg/1.1blks/54.1 FG%/14.9PER/5.5WS

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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