Why I Wish Patrick Beverley Was Asian



The Asian basketball market has fallen head over heels for Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming. Next up, Patrick Beverly.

An Asian-American on an NBA team is about as rare as a Billy Ray Cyrus hit song. So when Jeremy Lin performed his version of "Achy Breaky Heart" during his time with the Knicks, the Rockets pulled out all the stops to snag him. After all, the addition of such a novelty item, especially a talented one at that, has proven to produce huge profits.

Let’s take a gander at the financial impact of the Yao Ming experiment.

2002 (the year he was drafted)

2010 (the year before he retired)

Operating Income

$7 million

$36 million

Team Value

$255 million

$443 million

Additionally, Forbes reported that Houston’s overall revenues increased 87% during the Yao Ming dynasty (2002 – 2010). I think it’s safe to say it didn’t hurt to have the big guy.

Even during a time period as fleeting as "Linsanity," Jeremy Lin had a similar economic impact on the Knicks franchise. Madison Square Garden’s stock rose to all-time highs and even some of the hype surrounding Lin aided Dolan in renegotiating a new deal with Time Warner Cable.

Flash forward a few months later. The Rockets miss out on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and overcompensate by paying top dollar for New York’s cash cow. Through one regular season Jeremy Lin is starting to show all the signs of a one hit wonder. Among point guards, he finished 17th in PPG, 18th in APG, and 35th in TOPG. Surely 13 PPG and 6 APG isn’t enough to justify 3 years for $25 million, right? According to ex-Rockets CEO, George Postolos, it might be if you’re Asian. "The fact that the Rocket brand is a big deal in China makes Jeremy Lin more valuable to the team." So I guess the thinking here is that the stimulus package, also known as "Linsanity," offsets the lack of production.

If only Patrick Beverley was Asian. I realize I'm not supposed to have my cake and eat it too, but hear me out. Through the first few games of the playoffs, Beverley has outperformed Lin in virtually every category and, as a bonus, displayed a knack for injuring superstar opponents–all for a fraction of the cost. In a perfect world, Patrick Beverley would continue to emerge as a talented young player while bringing in the economic impact of the Asian markets. Houston would then have the flexibility to ship Lin away in exchange for a player actually worthy of an all-star contract. However, Beverley is not Asian—Jeremy Lin is—and Houston will continue to pay a pretty penny for that distinction.

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