Things to improve on for key building blocks

This team clearly has many players that are long-term building blocks. I want to deduce the improvements some of these guys need to make in the off season, based on what I've seen in all the games I watched.

1. James Harden

While he is a fantastic offensive player, his defensive deficiencies are well known. I find it strange that he lacks the court vision on defense. That is a major part of his deficiency. Another part is just not following through on his defensive assignment, i.e. putting a hand up on a shot attempt, and not moving with his man. He has enough athleticism to tango with most wing players in the league, yet it seems at times like he chooses not to. He needs to start doing the basic things that make defensive plays effective at all. It's a habit thing, in my opinion, so I think he will find his rhythm on defense when our overall team defense becomes a bit more methodical.

2. Jeremy Lin

He can be very good, and then be very bad. Many say that he just needs to stay confident. I agree, but I think he should obtain his confidence through strength training. He seems to have good lower body strength, as his legs seem to be big and strong. The same cannot be said about his upper body strength. Even though he seems to have more girth in the midsection than most NBA point guards, when finishing in traffic or taking jump shots, his lack of strength in his arms is the primary reason he seems hesitant to shoot at times. I also think that's why he has to rely so much on his feet and legs to get to the rim on offense. I'm sure it's not a difficult thing to improve on over the course of a summer.

3. Chandler Parsons

This do-it-all player is almost flawless as a third option, but if he wants to be a more lethal second option, he needs to have more of a go-to move. I can see the semblance of one sometimes when he dribbles behind his back from right to left just before slashing to the basket for a layup. I'm sure he is already practicing that a lot and he will probably continue to improve on that, so I'm really just tossing out a suggestion here.

4. Omer Asik

This man is improving right in front of our eyes, and I am referring to his offensive game. He doesn't need to do fancy stuff, and his post-ups can be awkward, but we are witnessing some rudimentary low-post moves that are actually effective. For a guy his size, he has amazing agility and quickness. He just hasn't calibrated all of his physical tools yet. The way he shoots free throws look very methodical. I saw him make a 15 ft jump shot in a game during the regular season and I think he should slowly learn that shot. He will probably never be a number one option on offense, but if he can master a few effective moves and hone his jump shot, he will be a consistent 15-12 guy.

These are the things that I've realized over a whole season watching the Rockets. What are your thoughts on this?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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