Will Asik and Lin Be Part of the Rocket's Contender?

Over the past few seasons there have been times when Morey's motives have not been crystal clear and the team compass was spinning like a top. In some of the latest posts on this blog I have seen some Rocket's fans question Morey's decision to go with Lin over retaining Dragic. I truly believe the explanation for this decision can be made in one word: Parsons.

Now, in my own personal opinion a true title contender needs at least a three year window with a solidified roster to have the best shot at hanging one in the rafters. We can look at the Miami's, OKC's and Memphis's of the league and see that is a fair assessment. I think as a fanbase we are hoping to see Morey's final product, including another max level player, take the court at the tip-off of the 2014 season. Whether that player is acquired this offseason or next, I think it is safe to say the soonest our true run at a title can start would be the 2014-1015 season. This will be our last season with Parsons, Asik and Lin under their current deals. So-

First question - What do the TDS commenters see as a fair contract for Parsons going forward if he can improve slightly or at least maintain his level of production?

Second question - If Asik continues to improve, what kind of money will he command?

I believe Morey dropped as many fishing lines in the talent pool as he could last offseason. He kept the deals for Asik and Lin to three years so that they would not interfere with Parson's extension once the second Superstar's max deal is added to the mix. What does this all mean? I think it means Morey will choose - Asik or Lin when it comes time to extend everyone. My prediction is that Asik is the choice and we let Lin walk and use his money to extend or match an offer sheet on Parsons. A guy on the radio said "..with Harden, another superstar, and an improved Asik and Parsons.. Lin can be a PG on a championship team." I won't argue with that but I do believe the same could be said for Patrick Beverley and at a much cheaper price. The way I see it, Lin isn't "done" yet, but I think he has until his contract is up to prove more valuable than Asik or too valuable to lose. I have my doubts he does either, but I hope he emerges as an all star caliber talent (what I call a "good problem" come extension time).

Ok, so now I will hit you with my own plan and feel free to call me an idiot. We should go hard after Pau and his giant expiring deal. LA is desperate to dish him and we have the cap space they covet. If I understood Tisbee's post the other day we can send a player (such as Garcia) and 8 million in cap space (in the form of a TPE) to LA for Pau. The goal would be to make the move while retaining Thomas Robinson. Trading for Pau has the following effects- Rim/Paint defense- improved, vet presence/leadership- improved, Stretch 4 shooting- improved, rebounding - improved, cap space- improved/unaffected, trade deadline ammo- improved.

Once we have Pau's deal we have a million options.

Option one- Give Minnesota TRob, Pau's deal and all the picks they want for Kevn Love at the deadline after Minny is looking to fall short of the playoff's again and Love starts to bitch and moan.

Option two - Somehow do something similar for LMA (although I see this as the least likely)

Option three - Keep Pau, have a 50+ win season with a very formidable front court combo of Asik and Gasol. This team would most likely go to the second round, gain more playoff experience and all the while developing TRob to possibly step into the starting role. Once the season ends and Pau expires, we can pursue any of the top tier free agents (maybe steal ZBo? Maybe Lebron comes over after winning a few in Miami and Wade retires), extend Parsons and Asik and keep moving right along.

Ok, whatcha thinkin fellas??

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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