2013 NBA draft prospectus



(Chandler Parsons is cool)

Greetings everybody, hope things are going super well for you all! There's not much Rockets news to go around, but I was bored today and looked up who the Rockets could potentially pick up in this year's draft. I went to draftexpress (don't know how reliable the site is, but it looks like a professional website with pretty good videos and analysis). Red Nation has the 34th pick overall (4th pick in the 2nd round) per the website, and they have us picking Lorenzo Brown, a 6ft4 PG out of NC State (a junior). His scouting report didn't appeal to me at all. He seems to have regressed from his previous two years of college. Has good handles apparently, and his size is appealing, but after watching the Rockets' playoff series vs the Thunder, I was thinking that we need a quality back-up center: hopefully from the draft. Even though we played a lot of small ball, we were most effective when we had The Turkey down low to gobble up boards and stuff people ( :) ). When Greg Smith had to come in for Omer, we lost a huge presence inside.

Gorgui Dieng

So, back to the draft. After watching the NCAA tourny, I warmed up to the idea of us picking Gorgui Dieng, the 6th11 center from Louisville. At draftexpress, they have him going at the 17th pick. If he drops to the 34th pick, I'd like us to take a look at him as our future back-up center. (I didn't write much about Dieng because I figured he is more widely known than the other prospect I will discuss down below)

Mike Muscala



(The Moose)

Another intriguing player is Mike Muscala, a 6ft11 center out of Bucknell. He might be a smart choice for boy genius Morey. His scouting report is very positive, and even though it is just a highlight video (that the report included), Muscala looks to have smooth footwork in the post. I think he could fill the void as the first center off the bench for the Rockets. Draftexpress has him going at the 36th pick: a few picks after the Rockets go. Initially, if you read the report, you'd be surprised by why he's projected to be drafted this late. The biggest detractors for Muscala is that he played with subpar competition at Bucknell, and there are concerns about his lack of lateral quickness as well as his (lack of?) lower body strength. I think he can definitely get stronger through NBA strength regime. As for his other weakness, I think improved positioning combined with his length and motor (he is noted for having high effort) will mitigate that flaw.

If you are reading this, first, thanks, and secondly, it may have seemed like I favored Gorgui Dieng more than Muscala because I wrote about him first, but as I finished writing the Muscala report (if you call it that), I like the Bucknell center much more. He's got many offensive skills: forgot to mention that he's a 79% ft shooter and shot about 7fts/game last season...efficiency Daryl! He plays the post game well (maybe not as good as the Mailman, but boo jazz). Has a good motor and is 6ft11. Can't you just imagine the Yot filled with fans screaming Mooose?



(What a boss)

So there you have it. I hope you guys enjoyed this little piece I just wrote up. Fire away comments below! I'm a college student on break btw, and this was quite enjoyable!

Peace out,


No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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