Rockets News: Quick Links


A running updated thread about emerging Houston Rockets stories including potential assistant hires and off-season honors.

There seems to be quite a bit happening in the Rockets organization over the last few days so I figured we should at least do a quick link burst and summary. This will allow a place for you to post any news coming up and give you a quick cursory glance at this writer's take on what's going on. Someone's got to pick up the slack, right?

5/24/13 Added Bill Simmons Article About Dwight Howard

5/30/13 Added Adrian Wojnarowski's Article About Thomas Robinson

Chandler Parsons invited to Team USA training camp

Parsons gets a chance to try to play his way onto the Team USA Roster with this invite and it's the first formal notice of his skills and contributions. Team USA is the most highly touted team in international competition and it's a major honor. It's worth noting that the day I post Chandler's report card is the same day he gets this honor. I am a kingmaker.

Chris Finch and Kelvin Sampson are potential candidates for the Philadelphia 76ers vacancy

Finch was the heir apparent to Kevin McHale, coaches team United Kingdom in international competition, and was at the helm of the successful D-League Affiliate Rio Grande Valley Vipers. The league, much like Team USA, is taking notice of the Houston Rockets organization and their cutting edge preparation and execution. Finch would be a great hire in Philadelphia if they can focus a build around young talent but it would definitely put a dent in the Rockets plans.

Suns to interview JB Bickerstaff

The Phoenix Suns will meet with coach JB Bickerstaff on Friday about the head coaching job. Bickerstaff is part of the team of assistants on the Rockets bench with head coaching potential. Between Philadelphia and Phoenix all of the Houston Rockets assistants are potential candidates for head coaching jobs elsewhere.

James Harden Makes All-NBA 3rd Team

James received 253 points in voting for the off-season honor of "some of the best in the NBA". If there was any doubt that Harden is a top 5 SG in the league he now gets to join the elite conversation as top 15 in the NBA. This continues a general theme on the day that notice is being given to what's going on in Houston. Harden's 253 points, mind you, places him firmly at the top of the vote getters for the 3rd team.

Searching for Dwight Howard

Bill Simmons goes in depth to the Lakers ramifications if they retain Dwight Howard but also looks into some interesting historical trends about Howard's future production. It's interesting to see a borderline analytic look at just what should be expected of Dwight next season.

Rockets interested in moving Thomas Robinson to make room for Dwight Howard

Wojnarowski states that the Rockets have made it clear that they will sell Robinson off to the highest bidder to remove his salary from the books. It's a bit tragic that a guy like Thomas Robinson could be moved but a guy like Royce White gets to collect a paycheck from this organization.

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