Dwight Watch 2013 Edition

Where will Dwight Go?

Will he stay a Laker? Will he go somewhere else?

First, the givens.

Priority One: He goes to a major city

Priority Two: He gets a big paycheck.

Priority Three: He doesn't look like a douche for wasting the Lakers trade assets.

Priority Four: Winning.

-We can cross out Mavericks as it really isn't a big market team and it couldn't make playoffs because of AGE/rebuilding.

What's left is New York, Miami, Clippers, Warriors, LA, Nets.

Dwight's best situation would be if the Lakers did a sign and trade. That way, it's the LAKERS that don't want him and not the other way around. He'd also recieve his max money that way as well.

New York, Miami, Warriors, and the nets don't really have the assets to pull that off. Lakers are going to want a good big man back. That really just leaves the Clippers as Dwight's favorite option.

That's not the Lakers favorite option. Giving your star player to a crosstown competitor is utterly bad business 101 but faced with the prospect of losing Dwight for may take your chances.

The second option is if Lakers fully commit to Dwight Howard. That means firing D'antoni. This might not even certify Howard's staying as a lot of players have leaked to ESPN about coaching clashes in order to justify their exit to another NBA team only to leave regardless of coaching changes.

So the ball is on the Laker's court.

If they bet on howard, they'd need a show of faith by firing d'antoni. Which still DOES NOT guarantee them Howard. Howard can use the D'antoni excuse as a last resort to leave. That's why his agents leaked those rumors in the first place.

Unlike the Magic, the Lakers can't threaten Howard with wasting one more year of Howard's life because Howard is fully UFA and Lakers don't rebuild nor can they really have a non playoff year. The dangers of success mean you can't fail ever.

So the Lakers are left with very few options. Dwight is in the driver seat about where to go and his first idea has to be the Clippers.

This explains all those Clippers rumors about wanting David West. Any deal involving Howard is going to involve Griffin. But that's the last thing the Lakers want.

There's a third option. And that's to convince Dwight Howard that the Rockets or some other team is really good and have him shipped out to a non LA team.

This last option is the Rockets. There's some stiff competition in this category and the Rockets have no assets to give to the Lakers. And even if the Rox did, it wouldn't add up capwise.


There are still too many factors up in the air to make a credible prediction. What is Buss' personality? As an owner is he a hot head? Does he take risks? The decisions are very obvious but at the end of the day, it's up to Mr. Buss.

The more weeks pass without a decision from Buss is worrisome about the Laker's future. You either bet on Dwight (with no guarantee of him staying) or you trade him to the Clippers.

The third option is never going to yield you as many assets as the previous options as even the dumbest General Managers know not to give you the farm on this Howard deal. Not to mention the fact that you require Howard to OKAY the deal in the first place and hop off to a small-market team.

But again, I need to know how rational Buss is.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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