D Fish You Are The Weakest Link.....And Then Some Other Stuff


First off let me start my inaugural fan post by saying "Bang Bang Rockets Gang" Heading into game six I have been thinking about the Rockets and how we can continue our quest to make history. The first name that came to mind--Derick Fisher. Please allow me to elaborate:

As we know the game of basketball is about match ups, most of us know that anyway. And while most claim OKC as the better team, Houston has the chance to exploit the mismatches. Hence D Fish, the guy plays sub par defense if any. Although he is king of the flop and drawing charges from just about anywhere on the court does not make him a great defender. Houston needs to recognize when he is on the court and work this man out every time he is on the floor. It does not matter who has the ball, P Bev or Chandler Bang down to AB and James "The Barber" Harden. Speaking of Harden, he cannot, Houston cannot afford to have him shooting long jumpers while D Fish is guarding him. This match up is automatic dribble drive.

With talk of Lin entering the rotation McHale is going to have to seriously pick and choose his spots when playing Lin. AB has been outstanding and his quickness is unquestionable. We need to continue to use him with the second team. He gets to the basket with ease and he honestly makes it look really easy. I am glad he is back. Hopefully our coaching has found its footing in this series.McHale caught himself a few times stating that he tends to stick with what works. If that is the case, getting AB good minutes although Lin may be back is a no brainer.

Aaron_brooks_derek_fisher_houston_rockets_dt1sc5_gkedx_medium^^Aint Nothing Changed^^ AB can blow by Fish at will.

There is not 1 ball handler on this team that should not make OKC pay for putting Fisher on the court. Same goes for Kev Martin. We know that guy cannot play any D as well. We know from experience, he is another who should be forced to actually defend. We cannot allow OKC to hide these guys within their scheme, we need to make them step out and then blow by. From what I have seen, The Barber Harden has been attempting too post up smaller guards, but he needs to do it too all guards, even Tabo <----I know that is not how u spell it but that is what I call him. This is now the time to make teams understand that Harden will have to be defended from the rim to the 3 point line.

6 Keys to success for Game 6:

1. Defend at all cost

2. Make OKC defend by taking consistent trips to the basket with weak parameter defenders on the court

3. Defend at all cost

4. Let AB play

5. Defend at all cost

6. Rotation, rotation, rotation,


No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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