Rather have CP3 or DH?

I've had a bunch of friends say that CP3 would be a better addition than DH. Any time you have an opportunity to get a player that are best at their respective positions, you snatch it in a heartbeat. This is just in the hypothetical situation that both players want to play for Houston, and we have to draw straws to see which one is the lucky one.

One of the clutchest players in the league, I wasn't a fan of Harden hero ball.
Is a complete point guard. Gone are the days of point guards torching us for 30.
Never had the benefit of playing with an elite backcourt mate to attract as much attention as Harden. Should have a field day with penetration.
But he has faced some injuries in his career. He has caused a coach to be fired. And also, what happens with Lin? Trade him or keep him as a 6th man? Would you be willing to pay his contract to be coming off the bench?
Also, who would handle the ball? Obviously, it should be CP, but after a year of adjusting the offense to suit the Beard, is it worth the effort to change the offense again? Or would it just be more efficient to get...

Dwight Howard
The most controversial topic of free agency since The Decision.
Does what he brings to the table outweigh what he potentially brings off the table? When focused and healthy, he is no doubt the top center in the league. He commands respect on both ends of the floor.
Offensively, 3 feet or less, you foul him or you give up 2 points. Houston will live with either outcome, more fouls=in the bonus quicker=less aggressive defense=points. 2 free points=2 free points+likely thunderous Dwight gorilla dunk. He will also draw focus in the paint to kick out to shooters on double teams. I understand that he's not a great passer, but if his Orlando team made it far into the playoffs with the same strategy but with a far inferior team, imagine what Houston can do.

Defensively, DPOY, blocks, rebounds, hard fouls. Nuff said.

All that said, he is a huge liability late game. His back has huge question marks. If he's not happy, he becomes a cancer. Can he be a leader on a young team? Can the Twin Towers rise again and work like he said he wanted?

All in all, I think if we had to choose between these two, DH should be the obvious choice. No doubt Paul would make this team better, but Howard would propel this team even higher. Efficiency is Morey's game, and there is no doubt that having a stud SG+C is more effective than having PG+SG.

As to do I think he will sign here? I think yes.
If money is what Howard wants, then he should think of the future, and not the now. Over the course of the first contract, LA would pay more money. But, if he were to resign with the Rockets+bird rights+no income tax+future prospect of having more cap room for another star due to Lin and Asik coming off the books. Houston wins.
If rings are what he wants, then LA offers a 1, maybe 2 year window. Then 3 years of rebuilding. Dallas offers the same thing but more flexibility with cap space. Houston offers a good, YOUNG nucleus built for the future that would be contending for rings for the duration of Howard's contract.
I don't see how the Lakers or Mavs could offer a more enticing offer.
If Howard decides to resign with the Lakers, then I pity the fool. Someone with no basketball or economic sense shouldn't belong here.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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