An argument for not signing Dwight Howard...

No I am not crazy. My mother had me tested.

Really, I don't doubt that by a long shot signing Howard in FA is the best possible move our Rockets can make this off-season.

However, due to his past personality "quirks," I can't say that Howard doesn't has the personality to ever be happy unless everything is given to him that he wants AND he wins it all. Just look at Game 1 of the Finals and you can see that even in a seemingly star studded team like Miami, it is really really really hard to win it all. There are lots of great teams out there and stuff happens.

So with that in mind, here is an alternative idea to signing Howard:

What do we really need currently:

1) another superstar


2) big improvements at PF and defense

I wish we could have both but you probably couldn't sign Howard, a strong PF like Millsap, and pick up a great D perimeter player like Allen etc....

So as an alternative I would put all of the following up to potentially trade:

Lin (too expensive for what we get, if we can't get much then move him to the 6th man and put Bev at starting PG)

All of our PFs (not that we will trade all of them, just that any of them are up for trade)

Core team:




Beverley (not that the guy is that great but for the price he is a steal and we will not get his value in a trade as we would only be able to match salaries)

If we could sign Millsap, Big Al, etc... and then hopefully shoot for Iggy.

You maybe add in a all around decent player like a Courtney Lee and a cheap backup D minded center and a Delfino like wing and you get a decent team:

G Harden/Bev

G Iggy/Bev

F Parsons/wing/Iggy

F Millsap/jleft over young PF

C Asik/backup center/left over young PF

This basically divides up Howard's strength between the PF and other G spot and gives us great D and an all around strong game.

From all I can tell, Iggy and Millsap are both team players who have been good leaders on their respective teams. I remember when Iggy called out his Philly teammates for not playing D in the playoffs last year. That is what we need on this team. Millsap is a sold, all around player, young enough to run with Harden/Parsons/Bev/Lin but also gives us some post up offense for half court sets.

Well, does the money work? Probably not. In this case Iggy, Millsap, Harden would probably all have to agree to mutually lower the mkt rates to make the numbers work...highly unlikely, but maybe no unheard of.

Well, just a thought.


If we do sign Howard this is our team.

G: Harden/Bev/Brooks

G: Bev/Lin/Brooks

F: Parsons/Delfino like player

F: ??????? No one on the team to date has shown they can carry the load

C: Howard/??????

I don't see how Howard and Asik can collectively eat up about $28MM of the salary cap, play basically the exact same position and co-exist. If we sign howard we are trading Asik for a PF or wing player. There is no getting around that.

Beard, Parsons and Howard is a great core for sure...but then there will be a steep drop off in the other two spots. Morey is good for finding solid cheap role players so maybe this works. I just wanted to play devil's advocate.

Ok...back to work.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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