Reggie Williams From The Eyes of Wins Produced.

Here are his stats.

12-13 CHA SG 380 .087 -0.4 0.6 18.4 5.4 1.0 6.4 4.9 2.4 0.1 1.5 2.4
11-12 CHA
747 .082 -0.5 1.3 17.6 4.2 1.7 6.0 3.9 2.1 0.2 1.3 2.2
10-11 GSW SG 1631 .104 0.1 3.5 21.7 5.0 1.3 6.4 3.6 1.7 0.1 0.8 3.6
09-10 GSW SG 782 .176 2.4 2.8 22.4 5.6 1.1 6.8 4.1 1.8 0.4 1.4 3.0
Career Avg SF 885 .110 0.0 2.0 20.7 5.0 1.3 6.4 3.9 1.9 0.2 1.1 3.1
Average SF SF 1737 .099 0.0 3.6 20.3 5.7 1.9 7.6 3.5 2.6 0.8 1.6 3.8

As you can see, or if you are too lazy to see, he is a much better SG than he is a SF. For one, he doesn't rebound enough. Nor is he a defensive powerhouse. But he can handle the ball, he can dish out assists, AND he can shoot.

How well can he shoot?

Williams 09-10 FG% 2FG% 3FG% FT% EFG% TS% FGA 3FGA PPS FTA
Williams (career) 46.0% 52.2% 37.1% 74.3% 53.6% 56.2% 16.8 6.9 1.23 3.5
Average SG 43.4% 46.5% 36.5% 80.4% 49.0% 53.6% 17.9 5.5 1.20 4.9

As you can see, he is superior to the average SG in every way. Volume three shooter with an above average shot%.

He doesn't get to the free throw line enough nor is he in the upper echelon of FT shooters.

He is a starter level quality shooting guard. In many respects, he is statistically better than James Anderson


Harden/R. Williams/Anderson

Parsons/Garcia/Terrence Jones


Howard/Asik/Greg Smith/Olbrecht

This is the situation so far. The four-deep Center situation has to be fixed.

One PF candidate is Brandon Bass of the Celtics, worth 6.5 million, who's contract expires in the same year as Asik/Lin's contract. He has one of the better midrange shots in the nba.

Greg Smith and a future draft pick might get this done.

The Other PF candidate is Ryan Anderson.

Of course, the 'Cans are asking for Asik and probably, the moon, the sun, and probably Parsons AND Terrence Jones. Because they are greedy. And they really need a small forward. Fuck them.


Red Flags

He had an atrocious 2011 season followed by a bad 2012 season. The caveat here is that both years saw limited minutes for him. So limited that small sample size bias says that the data shouldn't even be included in his career averages.

He had the same lateral meniscus surgery on his knee and he hasn't been the same player since. There's a gamble here. But a meniuscus aint an ACL. And if he is the SG his statistics say he had been...that means less reliance on Harden for regular game-wins.

A rested Harden for the playoffs. Chills. Cool down , bro. A capable SG means Harden can be shunted to PG during crunch time, as well!

-Did i mention that Reggie is 6'6?

-And that he's 26 years young?

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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