For the Asik fans.... (ramblings of a madman) (....and a bit on Lin)

Of which I am one...

Two starting quality centers who basically play the same position, eating up something huge like 25 to 35MM in cap space, not to mention taking up all the space in the lane, surely they can not work together.

I think this is true. ...but is 8MM a good price to pay for a stud backup center to make sure we never dip below top 10 to 15 in defense? is too much to pay for an insurance policy against injury to Howard? is it too much to give us a decent pick and roll partner to pair with our 6th man jeremy lin to keep the pressure on all game long...I don't think so.

Also, I think there is something else that makes the 8MM price tag worth it....what if Howard doesn't mesh? What if after a year, things are just bad, like LA bad, what do we do.

Now don't get me wrong, I think things will go great, but until we know all runs smoothly with the pairing of Howard and Harden do we take away the insurance policy.

Also, what is the opportunity cost of keeping Asik...8MM worth of someone. Maybe you also are able to package one of our PFs, or Lin or someone with him to buy something more expensive but I do think we have to think of the cost of passing up 10MM a year worth of somebody.

Who would that somebody be?

It could have been Millsap, maybe.... but not big Al, but I don't think it gets us LMA, as we would have to package Lin to get there and I don't think Portland needs Lin. unless we do something for a Boozer like player where they also take Lin, I don't see it happening.

Also, as an aside, I think people are way too critical of Lin.

I am not anything like a rabid fan at all, I don't troll any perceived negative statement about him, etc...

but I just see lots of potential in the guy. You can't teach that speed and ability to create chaos.

I did cringe over and over when he would drive full speed into the lane and then try to pass out of it into the arms of a defender...

but he is still learning....and he showed great moments of brilliance.

I do think he needs to operate largely when Beard is not on the court, so the 6th man is key to his success, but he could really take a jump this coming year in capability, shooting % etc...

lets hope so.

Go Rockets!

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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