Questions Left to Answer for Next Season we have a backup backup Center, three backup PGs, and to date no PF that we know is starter quality

With that in mind here are the four questions, in order of importance, that I think will have the biggest impact on this coming season

1) Oh, power forward, where art thou?

Starting Smith at PF in the playoffs was not so much. Can Jones, DMo, Smith, etc... improve enough/make the leap to a decent PF? We have no real evidence of that yet, but early games will tell. This is huge, not just for immediate wins, but it also means we can keep Asik longer and ensure a better D (rather than have to trade him for a strong PF worth around 8MM a year). People keep saying that Jones or DMo will show up this year and maybe but I will believe it when I see it.

Aside: this is also where I think Morey's great "talent" has failed him. How many PF's has he drafted that really made an impact? Landry and Hayes where the ones I remember and Hayes really was a center and an offensive non-starter, save for his triple double that one game. After drafting Patterson, Morris, Dmo, Jones, etc... I think Morey has lost his PF drafting mojo. Landry was an awesome pickup but that was how many years ago now?

2) Oh, perimeter defense, where are thou?

so right now our post defense is probably best if not close to the best in the league. with very little post D dropoff between Howard and Asik....with some Camby thrown in, this is solid as a rock. Our perimeter D not so much. Garcia did do a good job on Durant in the playoffs, but can he do it all season. Parsons was good at D as a rookie but lost significant impact with the run and gun offense. Maybe he still has it in him...probably, but we need proof. Rather than sign Camby and Brooks, why not try for a decent perimeter defender? That seemed to be one of our biggest weaknesses. Maybe with a slower pace, our front court will have the energy to defend? we shall see.

3) Oh, Chandler Parsons, can you make yet another leap?

Parsons has been a stud this past season....even if all this noise about his recruiting impact is silly. But can he really give us a big 3? ....or a big 2.5 or 2.25? lets hope so. He needs to be our Pippen to our Harden/Howard combo. He needs to be able to fill it up on his own, play great D when needed, etc... He is a great player but to be truly Finals bound he will have to be close to an allstar in impact on many levels. We need our version of Iggy.

4) Oh, support cast, how good art thou?

So we are great with Howard, Asik, Harden, and Parsons. Two of those are redundant. Is the rest of the squad good enough? Does Lin improve his spot up shooting and decision making? Is Garcia as effective as he was against Durant? I just don't know enough if the bench and rest of the squad outside our top four players. That will make a huge difference. Does our Garcia, Asik, DMo, Jones, Lin match the Allen, Battier, Andersen, etc.. of the world?

so that is all. Outside of a trade for a good to great PF, we are probably going to just now wait and see who turns up in 2013-14. Its going to be fun.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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