Rockets' Summer League

The Rockets are participating in the Orlando Summer League, and have just released their roster. This is the roster.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Birthdate Prior to NBA/
Home Country
NBA Exp.
5 James Anderson G/F 6-6 215 3/25/89 Oklahoma State/USA 3
12 Patrick Beverley G 6-1 185 7/12/88 Arkansas/USA 1
16 Vander Blue F/G 6-4 200 7/17/92 Marquette/USA R
1 Isaiah Canaan G 6-0 188 5/21/91 Murray State/USA R
44 Jack Cooley F 6-9 246 4/12/91 Notre Dame/USA R
33 Robert Covington F 6-9 215 12/14/90 Tennessee State/USA R
35 Jordan Henriquez C 6-11 250 8/29/89 Kansas State/USA R
26 Tyler Honeycutt F 6-8 188 7/15/90 UCLA/USA 2
6 Terrence Jones F 6-9 252 1/9/92 Kentucky/USA 1
9 Toure’ Murry G/F 6-5 200 11/8/89 Wichita State/USA R
14 Tim Ohlbrecht C/F 6-11 255 8/30/88 Skyliners Frankfurt/Germany 1
4 Greg Smith C/F 6-10 250 1/8/91 Fresno State/USA 2
2 Casper Ware G 5-10 177 1/7/90 Long Beach State/USA R
15 B.J. Young G 6-3 180 5/26/93 Arkansas R

Quite a few of the players were on the team last year. I am a little surprised to see Beverly is on the team, considering how well he played, but such experience can only benefit him. I'm hopeful that Summer League will help Greg Smith improve his understanding of NBA defense in whatever minor way a few games of summer league can. James Anderson will likely do what James Anderson does--look like he can be a useful cog in your rotation if you don't happen have anyone to put ahead of him who's better, and also look so much older than he actually is that you automatically dismiss the idea that he has upside.

If we can see a little improvement to TJones' shot I'll be happy, because I don't think I need to tell anyone what it would do for the team if one of TJones and Dmo came into camp next year with a solid three-pointer. Speaking of Dmo, he's not on the team, presumably because he's busy playing for the Lithuanian basketball team, which is probably better experience than Summer League, but I do hope he doesn't, like Yao, Ginobli, and others, wear himself down every offseason playing for his national team instead of actually having an offseason. I'll put Isiah Canaan in this paragraph since from the way Morey's talking, Isiah will defintiely be on the team next year (unless he gets traded). We'll all be interested to see how he fares against players generally superior to those he faced in college. Oh, and Tim Olbrecht is on the team. Good luck, Tim Ohlbrecht. Royce White is not on the roster. Not on the summer league roster I mean. Sorry, made your heart leap in joy for a moment, huh? #BeWell Oddly, as I'm editing this, 'Royce White' is written in red. Either this is the mark of Satan or the Sysadmin dislikes Royce White, you be the judge.

Of those trying to make the team, I'm rooting hardest for Vander Blue, not because I know anything about him except that he's 6"4, a basketball player, and undrafted, but simply because I want to be able to say that Vander Blue is on my team. Shout out to Casper Ware for the same reason. We apparently like Tyler Honeycutt, because we're keeping him around after cutting him. Robert Covington is a power forward who can shoot threes, but probably doesn't do much else well since he didn't get drafted. I don't actually know that though, but I don't care enough to find out anything else, either about him or the rest of the players, I'll leave that to official writers.

Still, with NBA rotation players like Patrick Beverly and Greg Smith on the team, and serious scorers like Terrence Jones and Isiah Canaan, I think we have a good chance of winning the Summer League title, for whatever that's worth.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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