What to expect

This is assuming that all the roster moves are done.

Will the offense slow down?
Whose the better athlete? Asik or Howard? No one would question Dwight runs the floor better. I don't think the offense will slow down, they'll run whenever they get an opportunity. If anything, they should run more often with more blocked shots.

Whose the starters and whose the bench?
Starters- Lin, Harden, Parsons, Motiejunas, Howard
Bench- Beverly, Garcia, Cassipi, Jones, Asik
I feel Jones is the better player but Donuts fits in with the starting lineup better. He's the better shooter which you need to space the floor. I feel Jones would bring more energy off the bench and adds some much needed athleticism to the bench. The two can be interchanged for matchup purposes.

Can the Twin Towers co-exist?
Mchale may be optimistic but I'm a bit skeptical. Neither can hit a jumpshot, pass effectively, or score out of the post aside from occasional dunks. I'd expect Dwight to get about 36 minutes and Omer about 24 minutes. Meaning hypothetically they would spend at least 12 minutes together. Only way I see this happening is with a variety of screens and double screens.

How will Jeremy Lin fare?
I think he will have a much better year. In NY, he had a great roll guy with Tyson Chandler, and now he has Dwight. Last year, the screener's defender could pressure Jeremy more because Omer couldn't 1. Catch the ball 2. Finish (thought he got better at the end of the year) Now the defender doesn't have the luxury and has to respect the roll game which allows Jeremy to do what he's best at. I don't think his points will differ by much, but I do expect him to shoot more efficiently, assists to go up, and the turnovers to go down.

Records prediction
I don't think 55-58 wins is out of reach. Division winners are definitely within reach. The Spurs are in a race against time.
In the west, other than the Rockets, I think the Warriors made the most improvement by getting Iguodola. So my 1-8 would be...
1. Thunder- Durant is still the #1 player in the west and #2 in the NBA.
2. Clippers- Bledsoe>Darren Collison. But Dudley and Redick should more than make up for it. And CP3 is still the best PG in the game.
3. Spurs- They kept their whole team intact, but they have another year and the wear and tear from a trip to the finals on their bodies. I expect Pop to sit his stars more often this year. Although I still expect them to find the usual success in the playoffs.
4. Grizzlies- Other than Conley, they have no offensive options in the backcourt. But they still have arguably the best offensive front court in the NBA.
5. Rockets- Having Asik come off the bench is a luxury any team would die for. Having 2 players arguably #1 at their respective positions is a bit overkill.
6. Warriors- If healthy, they have a deadly lineup. They added the do it all Iggy for expirings, and draft picks. Health is the most important part, they have the talent no question.
7. Blazers- Another year for the reigning ROY to get better.
8. Hornicans- This is my sleeper pick. Too much talent in the backcourt with Gordon, Evans, Holiday, and Vasquez, throw in the off chance that Rivers develops into an actual NBA player, add in a summer for Anthony Davis to grow into his body and get better, and the Hornets/Pelicans might get be onto something.

The biggest race would be 4-6. Biggest questions would be how long would it take for the Rockets to get rolling? Can the Warriors stay healthy? How much longer can Zbo's body keep up with his extremely physical style of play?

7. and 8. is pretty much up for grabs. Too many moves were made to project now. But I think it's safe to assume, the Lakers, Suns, and Kings will be in the lottery.
Dallas can maybe make it depending on how they fill out the rest of their roster. They currently have Bernard James as their center. But still haven't addressed the loss of OJ Mayo.

Denver is in an awkward situation. Lost their best player, fired their coach, and overhauled their front office.

Minnesota could make a splash. They added Kmart to add the outside shooting they were missing. I wouldn't be surprised if they made it into the playoffs, but then again I wouldn't be surprised if they don't win more than 30 games.

Utah put a lot of trust into Kanter and Favors. They also believe Burke's lack of size won't be an issue even though he disappointed in summer league so far. I still don't think they can replace Millsap and Big Al's production.

Open to comments or criticisms.

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