Games in .gifs: Rockets vs. Cavs

A few interesting half-court plays from this game

Beverley and Lin did great in this game, but I thought some half-court plays in this game were also really interesting and worth pointing out.

Harden-Howard elbow play
A particular (new?) play starts with Howard running to the perimeter and gets the ball from the PG while Harden sinks to right-hand side of the paint. Howard then makes a pass to Harden and runs off-ball towards the paint. Harden gets the ball with his back against the rim. Now the defense has to deal with a strong James Harden in a dangerously deep position and a Dwight Howard cutting through the strong side. This happened at least three times in the game. Below are the links and remarks.

Harden’s assists
1) In clip #2, Howard cuts to to the basket and catches a behind-the-back pass from Harden for a easy two. There’s also a youtube link here.

2) In clip #4, the same play was ran. Cavaliers reacted differently by send an additional big to stop Howard. But that leaves DMo totally unguarded under the rim. Harden recognized this and made a quick pass to exploit the moment.

Harden’s FGM
3) In clip #3 of Harden’s FGMs, they turned the same play into a Harden iso near the elbow. What’s different from other isos is that Harden was much closer to the basket. In this particular play he made a quick pull up jumpshot before a second defender arrives. But the position also gives him the option of driving to the rim for a likely foul.

Screening for open 3s
Then if you like back screens, clip #5 of Harden’s FGMs is one where DMo sets a back-screen on the right side to get James Harden open for a catch-and-shoot 3 on the other side.

Finally, on another play, Cassipi also cut through the baseline, curled to the side, and made an off-ball catch-and-shoot 3 by using Jones’ off screen.

There might something else that I missed, but it seems like the last practice was pretty production. It’s refreshing to see these new ways to create better shots.

---- LovesGreatPasses from the recap thread

Dwight screen

Parsons with the alley oooppps

According to Bullard, after that missed dunk, Dwight gave Chandler a hug during timeout and said " it’s okay, everybody does it."

Lin’s steal leading to the fast break

Lin steals the ball from Irving after him & Bev’s timely switch at the baseline and fighting through 2 (moving) picks

The steal that lead to this uncontested layup

No-look pass to Dwight


Parsons inpersonation

A 3!!!!!

Lin’s 10th assist that gave him the triple double

The whole arena was chanting "LIN LIN LIN" before he got the ball… it was awesome! The fact that all his teammates trying to get him the assists by shooting the ball as soon as they got it from him was really heartwarming too~

** didn’t know Asik was at the game until I did the last gif.. LOL




Bev’s off the backboard alley oops to James

Perfect finish to an entertaining game (looked like TJones was ready to jump too.. lol)


Bouncy Jeremy


Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks to LovesGreatPasses for the quote. The usual cheers go to Jaypride001 for all the awesome gifs.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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