Rockets Playoff Prediction Game -- First Round

The regular season prediction game may be over, but how cruel of me would it be not to provide you with an avenue for predicting the playoffs when the most exciting basketball of the season is upon us? Quite cruel and though I enjoy an ironic joke or two, I will not be demonstrating my cruelty just yet.

I unveil to you, the Rockets Playoff Prediction Game 1.0, because I don't believe we've had one before.

The prediction game consists of two parts:

  • Predict Rockets' game scorelines and get points awarded as in the regular season
    • +1 for predicting the correct winner, -1 for predicting the wrong winner
    • +1 for being within 5 points of the Rockets
    • +1 for being within 5 points of the Blazers/future opponents
    • +2 for getting the score exactly right
  • Predict series scorelines for the rest of the league (BONUS! BONUS!)
    • +1 for predicting the winner of the series correctly, -1 for predicting incorrectly
    • +4 for getting series result exactly correct

This means if you get *all* the series' in the first round exactly right, you could start out with a bonus of 40 points! So many points!

Additional Rules

ALL PLAYERS START AT 0 POINTS, which means anyone can jump in and be crowned a winne

As for now, THE GAME ENDS IF AND WHEN THE ROCKETS GET KNOCKED OUT. If there is still interest to continue, I'll continue, but let's cross that bridge if and when we reach it.

You don't need to predict all through the playoffs now--I will post a new thread when each round is ready to begin.



Here is an example of what sort of predictions you should post in this thread (these are not necessarily my predictions). The game is closed to series predictions as soon as the first game tips off on Saturday.

Pacers 4-1 Hawks
Heat 4-1 Bobcats
Raptors 3-4 Nets
Bulls 4-2 Wizards

Spurs 4-0 Mavericks
Thunder 4-2 Grizzlies
Clippers 4-2 Warriors
Rockets 4-1 Blazers



No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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