Rockets 2014 RAPM observation

RAPM is rate adjusted plus minus, so think of it as plus minus in neutral setting, to give an idea, generally anyone over +2 is good, over +4 or so is REALLY good, and if your over +6 you are probably in the MVP discussion (though some names will shock you.)

It's not a really good stat for players without a large sample or long enough playing career, but it's a reasonably useful measure for how much a player if helping / hurting a team.

Anyway, main players on the Rockets RAPM this year.

Dwight +4

Harden: +3.5

Beverley: +4.4

Parsons: +2.1

Lin : +0.2

Jones: -0.6

Dmo : +1.1

Casspi: -0.8

Garcia: -0.8

Asik : +3.4

So, the general observation of note is that.

1. Beverley made a huge leap : his RAPM last year was near neutral last year, so it's interesting that it's the highest on he team this year. Is he really this effective? hard to say, certainly his defense can make huge impacts, I think this is very interesting and the Rockets have another year or 2 to judge for sure. if this is consistent, then he's worth near max money, as absurd as that might seem.

2. Lin didn't really step forward or backward: though one should note that he replaced either Harden or Bev in the lineup, and yet in pure terms the Rockets only lost about 1 point per 100 poss with Lin in rather than not, (they're a +5 ish team per 100 poss without him, +4 with him.) which begs the question of if you replace 2 +3 to +4 player and your team only suffer slightly, why are you not a +2 ish player

3. Parsons made significant improvements this year. and is a well above average player, which confirms our observation.

4.Jones performance may be less impressive than in appearance. This unfortunately, played out especially vivid in the playoffs, it seems that Jones is more of a matchup player who can dominate certain match ups but gets dominated in others.

5. Dmo quietly took a step forward: perhaps missed in all this is that Dmo played pretty well, especially towards the end of the season, from a observation and stats POV the most obvious improvement is on rebounding.(especially on defense, his rebounding % jumped from a bad 11% to a pretty good 18%) He was a reasonably decent defender this year. and now make for a least a mildly passable back up 5. Is this small sample mirage or some legit improvement? worth keeping an eye on.

6. Omer Asik remains a defensive beast.

It is interesting in how the Rockets move forward . judging from the stats pov it seems that most likely they'll try to make a move at PF, would / could they move Lin /Asik for that and what the effect it will have going forward, would be an interesting case study.

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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