We don't need to get a superstar anymore, we need DEFENSE and DEPTH USAGE......but if ever......

From the very, very frustrating first-round defeat in the playoffs against the Blazers, a lot of rumors have surfaced regarding the acquisition of superstars Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love, and now LeBron James.

Before I talk about this one, let me discuss the team's huge problem in regards with the coaching. (As much as I hate being those kind of people who just keeps on ranting about the problems in coaching.)

The Blazer's front court was composed of Robin Lopez (7 ft. 0 in, Center) and LaMarcus Aldridge (6 ft. 11 in, Power Forward/Center). While our's was composed of Dwight Howard (6 ft. 11 in, Power Forward/Center) and Terrence Jones (6 ft. 9 in, Forward).

Imagine the match-up:

Dwight Howard (6'11) vs. Robin Lopez (7'0)

Terrence Jones (6'9) vs LaMarcus Aldridge (6'11)

I know that the Howard-Jones tandem is better offensively rather than with Omer Asik in it (It was very unfortunate that they gave up early on trying to make the Howard-Asik tandem workl). But come on, why would you use your All-Star center and former DPOY against a Robin Lopez, and use a slightly inexperience sophomore against an All-star like LA. One negative outcome from this is that Jones wasn't able to stop LA because of his height, inexperience and defense, which led to LA dropping of two 40+ pt. games in OUR HOME COURT. And from that, it took McHale two important games to realize that he needed to change the line-up, which was too late.

Going back to the topic at hand, we don't need to get superstars anymore. I mean seriously, the Howard-Harden duo was already enough to put us on the map for title contention. And from my personal opinion and views (Please don't crucify me for this), I really don't like a team trying to horde a lot of superstars just to win a championship, I rather have players stepping up and showing their potentials.

Why we shouldn't get Carmelo Anthony anymore.

We already have enough firepower. James Harden, Francisco Garcia (who already opted out), Troy Daniels, and his fellow RGV players Isaiah Canaan and Robert Covington (who wasn't given an opportunity to show much of their talents) all of them who are great at shooting 3s. Oh and there's Jordan Hamilton, it is pretty stupid on why we traded our veteran point guard for someone who is not being used at all.

Yes, I believe we do need an upgrade in the 3, but if your planning to trade Parsons for someone who isn't a very excellent defender, might as well not to. We need to get a defensive wing player. I'm sorry, I just really think that our team has too much potential but aren't being used properly.

Why we shouldn't get Kevin Love anymore.

We already have Dwight Howard, Omer Asik, Terrence Jones, who has a lot of potential but needs to improve the defensive end, and lastly, D-Mo. Speaking of D-Mo, I think it is his time to shine and get a decent, not too much, but decent minutes. He might not be a good rim protector, but if he would be given a chance like Jones, he will certainly be effective. Again, UTILIZE THE BENCH!!!

So how would Kevin love fit in? Yeah yeah, the Howard-Love front-court tandem. He's a very good shooter, rebounder, and an all-star. but NOT A GOOD DEFENDER. Heck he can't even carry his team to the playoffs, and no, having no support doesn't justify it. With my argument, I think I just don't approve giving too much to get him, Melo, yes, but him, NO. Not too much. He is not Kevin Garnett.

Why we shouldn't get LeBron James anymore.

I don't know man, he's arguably, ARGUABLY the best player right now in his generation. If I were the Rockets, it is certainly common sense to try and get him. But as I had mention before, I just don't like hoarding too much superstars, maybe I'm just too biased. yeah I am.

So after reading my very biased article, I am very curious on who do you want to get this offseason, whichever position maybe. Because me, I am sticking to what it was last season. (Well, expect for Lin, yeah I'm a fan, but hey, that salary is waaaaaaay too big, he really needs to go, for both parties' sake)

No cursing in title. No pirated material, such as links to online game streams. Do not cut/paste entire sections of content from other websites. Thanks.

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