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TDS Welcomes A New Writer


Hey look, there's a new writer in town!

NBA Word Association: Stereotyping The Rockets


We played a word association game with some NBA bloggers at SBN. Let's see what they thought of the Rockets.

Using The New Dream Shake, Part 1: Story Layouts


Here's a handy how-to, starting with the cover page.


NBA Comeback Day: T-Mac, We Were Not Worthy

No matter how many spectacular comebacks the Rockets have made or will ever make, this day unequivocally belongs to Tracy McGrady.

The Dream Shake Is Hiring: Apply To Write For Us!


The Dream Shake needs your help! Come write for us, if you can make the cut.

Rockets Cult Classic: Chuck Hayes

Chuck Hayes, the Rockets' cult classic.

Who Is Your Rockets Cult Hero?


Who is your Houston Rockets all-time cult hero?

Jeremy Lin And The Pick 'N Roll

Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry: Similar on the pick and roll.

Wednesday Links: Renewed Interest


So, Patrick told me he hates you all and refused to write for you guys today. I, as a kind and caring man, stepped in saying "But sir, our loyal readers desperately crave these links and cutting...

Reminder: Writer Roundtable Should Be A Thing


The Houston Rockets have drawn a great deal of interest this season between Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Jeremy Lin, and casual observers of the game. It’s at this point that I need to...


Dream Shake Free Agency, July 11, 2012

Houston Rockets free agency and rumor thread, July 10/11 Signing period!

TDS 3-On-5: We Pick a Point and the Rockets Need to Pick a Path


The Dream Shake's writer roundtable rides again, Goran Dragic or Kyle Lowry? What's a successful offseason for the Rockets? Opening day starters? Join us for a look at your questions today!

TDS Writer Roundtable 3 on 5


Dream Shake Writer Roundtable 3 on 5. AK, BD, and Pat at it again! You question, we answer.

Great Moments In Rockets Grooming History


Promotional piece for Houston Rockets's craziest hair styles or most bold statements.

Need Tickets For The Rockets Home Stretch?


Rockets ticket deals, bros.

Who Is The Rockets' Core Player? (Plus: Snapdragon Giveaway)


Who is the Rockets' core player? Also, win a SnapDragon.

Previewing The Season That Likely Won't Happen


Links to previews, my friends. Links ahoy.

No Joke, SB Nation Has A Sweet New iPhone App


Download the new app. It's really nice. Promise.

We Need Your Help: Take This SB Nation Survey


Hey everyone. SB Nation would very much like to hear your opinions and feedback on the user experience on this site. We are always trying to improve user experiences, navigation and brand...

VOTE: The Dream Shake For Houston's Best Sports Blog


Vote, people. Vote swiftly, vote multiple times.

NBA Nation Tour Hits Houston


Come out to the Houston International Festival to participate.

Orlando Magic Recap Contest


If you'd like to write a recap for tonight's Orlando Magic game, put the following in the comments: 1. A colorful description of Steve Novak's talents. Best entry wins. And "best" has no boundaries...

Notes From The D-League Showcase: Day 3 - Vipers Blow Out Bayhawks


Last Day For Me at the Showcase.

Notes From The NBA D-League Showcase: Day 2 - A Chat With Rockets GM Daryl Morey


The Dream Shake recaps Day 2 from the D-League Showcase.

Notes From The NBA D-League Showcase: Day 1


A look at the D-League Showcase: Day 1

Site News: Follow The Dream Shake On Twitter (Again)


Follow TDS on Twitter, please.

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