Discussions about Badasses

Daryl Morey's Quest for Redemption


Daryl Morey has been through three phases as the Rockets GM. Each has had it's challenges, but they've all led him to this moment.

Can McHale resurrect the Twin Towers?


The Rockets have a pair of 7 footers under contract for next year. Can Kevin McHale make it work?

Royce White: Through the Looking Glass


TDS sits down with the most enigmatic Rocket on the roster to discuss his return to basketball, the dedication of the average fan, and what it all means.

Highlights From Daryl Morey's Reddit Chat


Missed Daryl Morey on Reddit Friday? Hey, don't worry, we've got the highlights here.

The Dream Shake Regular Season Awards: Most Valuable Player


Who was the Rockets' MVP in 2010-2011?

The Dream Shake Regular Season Awards: Defensive Player of the Year


Who was the Rockets' defensive player of the year in 2010-2011?

The Search for Super Coach Begins


The Search for Super Coach begins - Rockets and Adelman part ways.


Reggie Miller not a HOFer? Blasphemy.


Reggie Miller not even being a finalist for the HOF is an absolute joke and should be remedied ASAP.

Happy Birthday Hakeem Olajuwon!


As we celebrate his birthday, we have to remember just how special Hakeem Olajuwon truly was.

US wins FIBA World Championship, Texans dominate Colts


It's a good day in Houston (Cowboys stunk up the joint in DC, too). I've just gotten a chance to watch the USA-Turkey game.  Two things stood out - Durant can't be stopped.  If a defender is tall...

More empirical evidence of Luis Scola's badassery


Luis Scola proves again why he is a badass in the game against Brazil. 37 points and 9 rebounds. Ho, hum. Another day at the office.

Welcome Back, Luis Scola!


Luis Scola is officially a Rocket.

Has Shane Battier played his last game as a Houston Rocket?


Has Shane Battier already played his last game as a Houston Rocket?

I told you so: Luis Scola is a complete and total badass


I told you Luis Scola was a badass. The Nets had to find out the hard way.

Kevin Martin: Aaron Brooks Can Be "Greatest Six-Foot-And-Under Scorer" Ever


High praise for a third-year guy with relatively zero national recognition.

An ode to Luis Scola


Carl Landry is deservedly the 6th Man of the Year this year. But let us not forget about the awesomeness of Luis Scola while we praise the other half of the "Luis Landry" tandem.

Expectations, Failure, and Man's Search for Meaning


In which we engage in T-Mac apologetics and justify our love for his game and career. Weird, I know.

Possible reasons Von Wafer failed his physical


How the hell does Von Wafer fail a physical?

Memo to our esteemed commenters: Stop trying to (hypothetically) trade away Luis Scola


Why would the Rockets ever consider trading away Luis Scola? Why? To suggest such a thing is just ridiculous.

Thoughts on McGrady's Possible Return


You know, it's amazing to me that some people can take a good thing and make it seem... dirty. In case you weren't paying attention: Tracy McGrady sent an e-mail to Yahoo! Sports claiming that he...

Who is to blame for the loss to the Lakers? You may not like the answer.


Hakeem gave Kobe secrets over the summer... then Kobe turned around and used these secrets to beat the Rockets Wednesday. This makes me sad.

VOTE: Hakeem Olajuwon as Mr. Basketball



Adrian Wojnarowski is trying to write Yao's tombstone a bit prematurely


Please, I beg the sports media world to stop writing off Yao Ming as if he's retired or dead. The dude will be back. And quite possibly stronger than ever.

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