Houston Projected as 1st Seed By Wages of Wins


A lot of my own predictions are based on Wins Produced. Think of it as chemistry's STP. All conditions being perfect, all coaches being rational with playtime, their numbers are usually very correct. The predicted 63.7 wins is if Mchale plays his best guy the most. Using my one year sample of Mchale--his predicted win rate is -5. Out of the maximum amount of wins, he will lose 5 wins. Probably by playing Casspi 30% more often. 59 wins aint bad.

The Houston Salary Cap as Of Right Now 6/7/2013


You can waive Anderson and Olbrecht and maybe get under the new cap. But even with Dwight, the Rockets are just over 2 million dollars over the cap. there should be another move coming soon. Maybe with a MLE.

Dwight Howard tweets out his decision


I've decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel its the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I'm looking forward to a great season. I want to thank the fans in Los Angeles and wish them the best.

A really fascinating story about Clippers owner Don Sterling.


Just READ it. for god's sake. it won't kill you

Dwight Watch 2013: Larry Coon Capologist Edition


The interview covers the technical aspects of 99% of the Dwight possibilities included the Dwight/CP3 combinations. The highest chance of CP3 and Dwight being together are solely the Hawks. There is a higher chance of them playing separately, however. The interview boils down the technical cap aspects of all the trades. If the rockets want Howard, they may want to help the Clippers/Celtics trade (at a discount). I also think the Clips/celts trade are a GO.

New Zealand's Tom Abercrombie to trial with Rockets


New Zealand Breakers star swingman Tom Abercrombie is taking the first step in what he hopes will be his NBA journey. The athletic 25 year-old is making his way to Chicago where he will prepare himself for trials with several NBA clubs. Abercrombie's Chicago-based agent has lined up mini-camp workouts with the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks. Whilst there, the 6'6" Tall Black will have the opportunity to show off his skills, with a both short-term and longer-term view to making an impression with scouts in those franchises

Cap Room of All 30 teams


Very good read. The only two playoff caliber teams with cap space are the Rockets and the Hawks. Clipper have cap space if CP3 leaves---a 50/50 affair.

Grantland Channel on Dwight to Houston


Jalen Rose explains why he believes that Dwight is going to Houston based on his own experience as an FA and by reading into Kobe's recent statements about Dwight's free agency.

Atlanta Hawks Frontrunners in Dwight Sweepstakes


My current probability tier matrix (Dwight Sweepstakes) 1. Lakers 2. Hawks, Clippers 3. Rockets, Mavs. With this bit of news, the Hawks get the same halfstep i gave to the Clippers. Danny Ferry is severely underrated as a wheeler dealer.

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