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Game six: Rockets vs. Blazers

The Rockets managed to snag a win at home. The match continues tonight in Portland. If anyone can find out where James Harden has been hanging out, the Rockets might even have a decent chance at...


Game five: Blazers vs. Rockets

The Houston Rockets face a surprising early elimination tonight at home by the Portland Trail Blazers. Make or break time is over; now the Rockets are just looking to survive.


Game four: Blazers vs. Rockets

The Houston Rockets have an opportunity to tie the series tonight in Portland. With some defensive adjustments and one heck of a game from both James Harden and Troy Daniels the Rockets recouped a...


Game three: Blazers vs. Rockets

We are down but not out. With a failing defensive initiative and somewhere between one and two slumping stars the Houston Rockets have not been able to keep momentum on their side for any longer...


Game #82: Houston Rockets vs. New Orleans Pelicans

It seems like almost yesterday the Rockets were getting their first look at the Pelicans during the NBA Preseason and yet here we are at the last game of the season. Look for the Rockets to make a...


Game #81: San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets

Two games left. The Spurs could be Houston's biggest threat to ultimate playoff success this summer and for the foreseeable future. The Rockets have warded off the regular season Spurs with poise...


Game #80: New Orleans Pelicans vs. Houston Rockets

Your Houston Rockets have T-minus three games to go for the NBA regular season. Tonight the Brow-less Pelicans will try to throw a wrench into Houston's pursuit of the fourth seed.


Game #75: Thunder vs. Rockets

The Rockets have been hit hard by injuries right as the Thunder are starting to hit their post-injury afterburners. It's going to take one heck of a game from someone other than James Harden for...


Game #73: Rockets vs. Nets

At the beginning of the season, Jason Kidd was the punchline of every NBA joke. Today the Nets are playing solid basketball despite otherwise derailing injuries and are right in the middle of the...


Game #69: Houston Rockets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Rockets will look to take advantage of a weak opponent tonight in Cleveland.


Game #64: Rockets vs. Thunder

The Thunder have been dealt an unfortunate blow in losing two of their best defenders in Sefolosha and Perkins. Both players have caused major match up problems for both James Harden and Dwight...


Game #62: Pacers vs. Rockets

The Indiana Pacers have slumped a bit in the past few weeks but still hold the best record in the NBA. The Pacers have matched up well with the Rockets earlier this season.


Game #61: Rockets vs. Magic

The Houston Rockets will head east to the ecosystem that brought Dwight Howard onto the center stage: Orlando. Expect boos and a wiry resistance from the hometown team and fans. Warning: trap game...


Game #60: Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets

LeBron James set a career high last night in Charlotte. Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin are fighting through back pain. This is a real test for the playoff bound Rockets. Let's see how they respond.


Game #59: Pistons vs. Rockets

The Rockets return home to host one of the league's latest tragedies: the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are just a move away from having a solid core, but at their current state it's hard to see any...


Rockets Kings Game Thread

Your usual game thread maker Tommy Fengs is indisposed at the moment and I'm not quite sure how to put up that fancy table that lists all the starters. But by now you guys know the drill, and you...


Game #56: Rockets vs. Suns

2013/14 NBA Preseason (37-18) @ (33-21) February 20th, 2014 US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ 8:00 PM CST ESPN, CSN Houston Starting Lineups Patrick Beverley PG G...


Game #55: Rockets vs. Warriors

The Rockets will take on the Warriors tonight in what was supposed to be a match up of two healthy Western Conference contenders. Andrew Bogut will sit the night out with an injury, but this game...


Game #54: Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Tonight thousands of bitter bandwagon fans will spend hundreds of dollars piling into a stadium and booing a player who made a business decision that was in his best interest. I do not like Lakers...


Wizards vs. Rockets game thread

Jan Vesely and the Wizards are in town fresh from a close loss to the Grizzlies. If the season ended today the Rockets, with ten more losses, would be just one seed higher than the Wizards for the...


Rockets vs. Wolves

The Rockets will look to sink Rick Adelman's Timberwolves tonight outside of the Lone Star State.


Game #51: Rockets vs. Bucks

The Rockets will head to Milwaukee tonight to take on the Bucks.


Game #50: Phoenix Suns vs. Houston Rockets

Between Jeff Hornacek and Goran Dragic, I'm not sure who deserves more credit for Phoenix's surprising success. The Suns have taken center stage in the Western Conference and they already hold one...


Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks

The Houston Rockets will turn their attention to Dallas tonight with or without the help of James Harden. The Mavericks have a seasoned crew (including a recent NBA Finals MVP) and it's never easy...


Rockets vs. Grizzlies

Round two. Fight.


Grizz vs. Rockets

The Memphis Grizzlies are well rested and healthy. The Rockets will get to see just how good they can play at home and on the road in an epic Western conference weekend double header.

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