Player Analysis

Who should start for the Rockets at the point?


Over the next couple of days, we will go through each position and breakdown how the rotation is looking. We start out at the point guard spot, where there is a giant question mark with who will...

The State of The Rockets


It's the 5/8ths mark of the season, a traditional time for analysis and reflection.

On the Rise: Greg Smith


If you told me a month ago that the power forward prospect who would occasionally be closing games for the Rockets this season was Greg Smith, I would have called you an idiot. Yet here we are.

Just how inexperienced ARE the Rockets?


The word young simply doesn't capture the breathtaking inexperience of the Rockets roster. Several active individual NBA players have played both more games, and more minutes, than the entire team.

Harden gives Rockets path to contention


In landing James Harden, Daryl Morey has finally given the Rockets somebody to build around. A look at why it was a move he absolutely had to make.

What's Not To Like? Chandler Parsons, Previewed

Don't hate him because he's got sort of annoying hair, love him for the vicious tip dunk instead - Chandler Parsons.

The Dream Shake's 2012-13 Houston Rockets Preview


Time for the annual Blogger Previews to stop through ol' H-Town. Here's The Dream Shake's preview for the 2012-2013 season.

Deadspin Destroys New Rockets Guard Toney Douglas


Deadspin has launched a smear campaign against the so-called worst player in the NBA, and their latest installment features this line: "Watching Toney Douglas play for the Knicks last season drove...

Player Previews: Terrence Jones, The Third Wheel


Faster than a power forward. More powerful than a speeding small forward. It's a post player, its a wing player, it's, it's Terrence Jones!

Player Previews: Donatas Motiejunas, Fearless

The NBA is full of alpha wolves. Rockets Rookie Donatas Motiejunas intends to be one of them.


Chandler: Lin Didn't Run NYK Offense Correctly


Tyson Chandler isn't taking a pot shot at Jeremy Lin — he's just stating his opinion. But is he right?

Player Preview: Jeremy Lamb, The Future is Now


A quick look at Jeremy Lamb, the 12th selection of the Houston Rockets. The future of shooting guard in Houston was solved with a smooth, long, and natural scorer with room to blossom on the...

Player Preview: Carlos Delfino, The Lonely Veteran


The Dream Shake continues its player previews with Carlos Delfino. Find out how the Rockets can use the swingman from Argentina.

Player Preview: Kevin Martin, Stuck In Purgatory


Kevin Martin will not be a Rocket at the end of this season, so let's see what he can do in the meantime to try to help himself and the Rockets.

Rockets Cult Classic: Chuck Hayes


Chuck Hayes, the Rockets' cult classic.

Jeremy Lin And The Pick 'N Roll


Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry: Similar on the pick and roll.

New Day Rising - Thoughts on the Houston Rockets Offseason So Far


The Houston Rockets offseason is a frenzy. The old roster is all but gone. The team is working feverishly to land Dwight Howard. What happens if the Rockets land Howard? What happens if they don't?...

Rockets Trade Kyle Lowry to Toronto


Houston Rockets trade G Kyle Lowry to the Toronto Raptors for a lottery guaranteed pick.

2012 Houston Rockets Offseason Agenda and Targets


A look at the upcoming offseason, an evaluation of the Rockets roster, and what is out there?

A Year in Review: The Houston Rockets 2011-2012


The 2011-2012 Rockets year in review and commentary on the needs of the team, as well as some things to take from this year.

Drinks All Around For Goran Dragic


I'm going to raise my glass for Goran Dragic before he skips town.

Marcus Camby Is Yet Another Example Of Daryl Morey Magic


The Rockets landed Marcus Camby for what amounts to a second round pick at the trade deadline. Why that acquisition keeps looking better.

Houston Rockets Trade Deadline Grades


Houston Rockets Draft Day Grade. Marcus Camby and Derek Fisher to the Rockets for Hasheem Thabeet, Jonny Flynn, Minnesota's 2nd Round Pick, and Jordan Hill. Two B+ and a D-

The Bad Gets Worse: Kyle Lowry Is Out 2-4 Weeks


Rockets starting point guard Kyle Lowry is out 2-4 weeks with a bacterial infection, and when you thought the Rockets' woes were drastic enough - you know, with that whole losing thing - everything...

Bill Simmons' Annual Top 50 Trade Column and the Rockets


I don't know how you feel about Simmons but he has been, and continues to be, my favorite sports writer not named Matt Campbell (aka MDC). Does he talk too much about Boston? Sure. Are his movie...

Midseason Evaluation: Houston Rockets


A look at the Rockets midway through the lockout shortened season.

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