Random Commentary

Rising Expectations for the Rockets


Michael Smith expects the Rockets the fail. But what is failing?

What if Pau Gasol had become a Rocket?


We're looking back on history today, and the "what if?" question facing us is What if the Pau Gasol deal had gone through?

The Houston Rockets play jazz.


This may be a bringdown for some of you cats, but if you don't like improvisational jazz, you probably don't like these Houston Rockets.

This man has inside information. I don't.


Sports bloggers write about their favorite teams, assume an authoritative tone and make all sorts of predictions with no inside team information. There's another industry that does this, too.

Royce White: Through the Looking Glass


TDS sits down with the most enigmatic Rocket on the roster to discuss his return to basketball, the dedication of the average fan, and what it all means.

BP Spill: Patrick Patterson, All Star?


This week we have an honest discussion about Royce White, the unappreciated tenacity of Patrick Patterson and we look ahead to the playoffs, That's right. Playoffs.

Daryl Morey will SmartBomb you into oblivion


Exploring the applications of the Rockets SportsUV technology

The BP Spill: Episode 1


Here's your first iteration of the The Dream Shake's weekly reader mailbag, from Abel Prado and BD34.

Counterpoint: Rockets Shouldn't Pay Harden Yet


Perhaps we should wait a little while before we throw all that cash at The Beard.

Chandler: Lin Didn't Run NYK Offense Correctly


Tyson Chandler isn't taking a pot shot at Jeremy Lin — he's just stating his opinion. But is he right?


Parsons, Lin & The Rockets' Big Empty Chair


Why Parsons, not Lin will sit at the head of the table this season.

A Look Back at the Collective Bargaining Agreement


In honor of the Labor Day holiday we look at how the NBA Players Union and the NBA Owners have made their impact on the league through labor negotiations. Join us for this cursory glance over the...

Rockets Odds: New Team, Same Story?


The Rockets are expected to barely miss the playoffs, again.

Rockets Finally Ready To Rebuild?


Welp, it looks like the Rockets are preparing for a down season. HOORAY!

A Look At Houston's Offer For Dwight Howard


The Rockets made a good offer for Orlando's rebuilding psyche. They obviously didn't see things the same way.

Another Morey Miss? Report Says Howard To Lakers

Dwight Howard will be a Laker, and man, that's pretty darn disappointing.

Daryl Morey Will Never Trade Jeremy Lin


Daryl Morey signed one of the highest-profile free agents during the offseason. And he does so knowing he's stuck with him for three years.

Houston Rockets Summer League: What We Learned


The Houston Rockets did the dirty work this week, going 4-1 in Vegas on their way to showing everyone their rookies may be the best crop from this year's draft.

Lin On Leaving NYC: 'Honestly, I Preferred New York'


Jeremy Lin says he preferred New York. Also, grass is green, the sky is blue and James Dolan could use a replacement.

This Is Happening: Jeremy Lin, Back In Houston Once Again (UPDATED)


Jeremy Lin will be a Houston Rocket once again, and while it may seem a little crazy, everyone should be happy.

The Rockets Can't Find Any Knicks to Accept Jeremy Lin's Offer Sheet


I have no idea why this is happening, but apparently the Houston Rockets and the New York Knicks can't seem to bump into each other, no matter how hard one tries.

The Dream Shake Free Agency Open Discussion July 9


Dream Shake free agency rumors and reports thread. Keep up to date on signings and trades around the NBA.

Report: Aaron Brooks, Rockets To Meet This Weekend


Aaron Brooks to the Houston Rockets?

And There Goes Goran: Dragic Signs With Suns


Goodbye, Goran. You can write if you want.

Report: Rockets, Dragic 'Far Apart' In Talks


The Rockets may have encountered a roadblock in their quest to re-sign Goran Dragic.

The Dream Shake's July 3rd Free Agency Thread


Free Agency Thread, day 3, Houston Rockets, Eric Gordon, Dwight Howard, Omer Asik.

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