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In news that should shock no one: Ron Artest wants to stay a Houston Rocket


Crazy Pills is a free agent. The Rockets need to re-sign him. Artest wants to stay. This is all good news.

Rockets/Lakers - one team can play better in Game 2. And I'm not talking about the Lakers.


The Rockets won Game 1. This is true. They can also play much, much better. Make some adjustments and winning Game 2 should be feasible. No matter what L.A. does.

Ron Artest is a comedic genius


Ron Artest's post-game 6 news conference is a classic. Comedy at its finest.

Your Houston Rockets: 2009 NBA Champs. It's not that far-fetched. Really.


If the Rockets can secure the 3 seed, they are in good shape to get to the NBA Finals. Really.

Sports Illustrated feature on Ron Artest


Ron Artest is featured in a Sports Illustrated article this week. They don't have any more luck in trying to figure out what makes him tick.

Things that make me like the Artest trade *more*


I wake up this morning... only to be re-affirmed in my belief that the Artest to the Rockets trade is nothing short of brilliant, and likely to work out quite well.How is that you ask? Simple.A...

Rockets/Jazz - if only the playoffs started TODAY


With all the distractions of the Olympics and Rafer's drunken antics, I almost forgot that the Ron Artest trade should be official tomorrow. Which makes me "officially" wonder what the Rockets...

Because pictures are fun!


Ron Artest... in Rocket RedI'm actually somewhat saddened that Artest didn't go the Chad Johnson route and try to legally change his name to Crazy Pills. Then I could buy a #96 jersey with "C....

Does ESPN like the Houston Rockets??


My lunchtime Interwebs browsing brought me over to ESPN...where I saw these predictions/projections for 2008/09.Funny this is -- I can't really come up with much of a legitimate argument to say why...

Let the countdown begin: 50 days 'til tip off!


50 days from now, the future 2008/2009 NBA Champion Houston Rockets begin the regular season by hosting the Memphis Grizzlies. Just 50 days!! And for those looking just a little farther ahead......

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