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What We Learned From Morey's Reddit Conversation

Rockets GM Daryl Morey was on Reddit yesterday and man, you guys, was he a delight. You can read the highlights here. Morey is in the last season of his contract with the Rockets and Les Alexander...

Daryl Morey says "I can't comment on that" for about two minutes.


Daryl Morey answers questions from the media after the Rockets' practice.

Why bad teams are bad and good teams are good.


Tom Ziller at Fanhouse uses two salary dumps from this summer - David Andersen's trade to Toronto and Ramon Sessions' trade to Cleveland - to dig a little deeper into the persistence of poor decision-making.

"What Geeks Don't Get"


Daryl Morey, Mark Cuban, Michael Lewis (author of Moneyball), the NE Patriots' Robert Kraft, and the Indianapolis Colts' (boo) Bill Polian chat about the limits of the "statistical revolution." Actually, they don't seem to talk about that very much - they mostly discuss how they apply stats and other "unconventional" methods to their teams, as well as what areas need to be studied further. There's lots of good stuff here, including a little bit from DM on the Rockets' decision-making (there's a very interesting comment on his view of the value of player development in trades). But it's over an hour long, so be prepared.

TCB Goes to the Sloan Conference


Evan Hochschild (formerly High Leverage Performer) visited MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Most of his piece focuses on potential impacts for the Astros and Baseball, but there's some mention of Daryl Morey in their. Take a look.

Morey on the BS Report


Daryl Morey returned to Simmons' podcast today, giving some pretty good commentary on the NBA, trades, the role of statistics in the Rockets' FO, 2010 free agency, the appeal of Houston, and (most interestingly to me, anyways) his thoughts on the "ideal" CBA. Check it out.

Let us all bask in the radiant glow of Daryl Morey's godlike abilities

But doing this much, with McGrady's contract? Not merely moving it for similarly-expiring parts and a possible pick? Getting Martin? The high end that could give you the second pick in the 2011 draft and the sixth pick in the 2012 draft? Morey, you magnificent bastard. This was a masterstroke. A patient, well-timed, masterstroke. You knew he'd wait until February. You knew he'd wait until trade deadline day. You knew he'd make it work. Goodness, gracious, sakes alive. -Kelly Dwyer, pretty much repeating what he said last year at the deadline with more emphasis.
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