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Francis ate a big bowl of Campbell's Chunky Soup

I've been saying it for a while now, Steve Francis is the answer at PG. He doesn't even have to start, he's a great 6th man, but I really like Mike James in that role with Towelie being left at...

It's a Championship Rematch from 93-94!

Well, not really, but they are the same teams. This is win two of our 4 game win streak and the Knicks are a great team to get it against. It would be our fourth win in six games, and that's better...

Rockets vs. The Wi--rds

They don't get an A or a Z without Agent Zero playing. Or at least playing basketball and not Halo. And I don't think there are too many people that are not members of Dave's or my family that...

100 and counting

From: LeeSent: Friday, January 11, 2008 8:21:51 AMSubject: Our 100th PostSo, looks like no TMac for our visit to the Toyota center. Is it wrong that I’m borderline happy about this?From: DavidS...

That's Five, Now let's go for Six

Dave and I went to the game on Friday, and it was pretty freaking sweet. 65-33 at halftime, and I have to be honest, we played like shit in the first half. That is by far the worst team I've ever...

Major Mistakes and How You Correct Them

A few days back I did the midseason awards article and I meant to have some predictions in it. I didn't, and I haven't forgiven myself yet. I even ran stairs today to punish myself. Without further...

Rockets vs. Pacers

Tonight the Rockets take on the Indiana Pacers at 6PM CST. Basically meaning I will not see this game live. Note to self: Remember to call home and get Mrs. UofTOrange the DVR (Actually I'll call...

Rockets "beat" the Timberwolves

Dave called the game last night a scrimmage and they treated it more like a pick-up game. Luckily they decided to play in the last minute and win the game. Tracy McGrady seems more comfortable with...

Rockets vs. Cavs on TNT!

In no way do I have time for this, but I'm going to hammer it out anyway. The Rockets take on the Cavaliers tonight at the Toyota Center at 7PM CST looking for their 5th win in a row, and on their...

Rockets vs. Hawks

Tonight at 7:30 CST the Rockets and the Hawks tip off. The Hawks have played pretty well for a young team this year, so they are not the punching bag they have been for the last few years. In that...

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