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Free Agency is basically over. So... now what?


The Rockets roster is overloaded. But it's not very-top heavy with talent like, say, the Miami Heat. Meaning Daryl Morey is not done tweaking a future champion.

Say goodbye to T-Mac!


The Rockets and Tracy McGrady have mutually agreed to seek a willing trade partner for McGrady's carcass, errr, expiring contract, errrr, "remaining skills".

Your 2009/10 Houston Rockets: Sponsored by Ritalin (tm)


The Rockets may be rather bland to watch and follow next season. Almost as if it will take a dose of Ritalin to maintain our attention.

Rafer is compounding his mistakes


So... Rafer "apologized" for his DWI arrest today.here's his actual apology:"On behalf of Mr. Alston, he wishes to apologize to the Rockets and the fans... He never intended for this to happen. He...

Lee is like famous and stuff now


If y'all get a chance today, make a trek across the Interwebs to read the interview Empty the Bench did with Lee. Lots and lots and lots of Rockets-related questions, comments and things of that...

Rafer going on trial for DWI


So Rafer Alston is actually going to go through with the charade of a public trial for his DWI charge from back in August. Not only is he killing me slowly as a basketball player, now he's going to...

Sage makes Rafer look competent


For one day... Rafer's sucktitude takes a backseat to the Houston Texans. Specifically one Sage Rosenfels. FUCK YOU, Sage. I can only wish you meet these creatures:Seriously, Fuck you, Sage - this...

When the worst case scenario happens


Lee and I participated... somewhat... in the mock draft sponsored by the Hardwood Paroxysm guys who now are moonlighting over at Ridiculous Upside. The Rockets have the 25th pick, and I am quickly...

Like we said - Scola is a badass!


Luis Scola. Total Badass.And now he's ranked #1 on ESPN's "rookie rankings."It's about time!Now we just need to figure out how to get a national campaign to get a co-ROY win for "Luis Landry". Step...

Rockets/Mavs - "17" is legal in Texas!


To get the proper perspective on what is now a SEVENTEEN game winning streak - we go straight to the voice of authority. Chef. Hey, Chef, what's the right size for a winning streak?17.But what if...

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