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Three-way Trade between Houston, Milwaukee, and New Orleans?

With the Twin Towers strategy being a complete bust, Asik has requested a trade... again. There are many trade rumors circling around in the NBA world, so I came up with my own realistic scenario...

Linsanity Returns!


Linsanity returns to San Antonio on October 3rd at the Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes for a special opening weekend screening of "Linsanity." Don't miss this amazing documentary which captivated audiences at this year's Sundance Film Festival and SXSW! "Linsanity" chronicles the surprising rise of basketball player Jeremy Lin, who in in February 2012, while playing for the New York Knicks, put together a record-breaking string of games giving the world one of the most remarkable underdog stories ever to unfold in the history of sports.


An Open Letter to Omer Asik

Dear Omer, It's really great to have you on the team, it really is. You're playing great defense against top notch defenders, you've been a rebounding machine, and you've shown much better skills...

Current Houston Rockets Roster


Includes height, wingspan, standing reach, salary, picks, etc.

Donatas scares 'Wolves


Donatas scares 'Wolves

Player Report Cards: Kyle Lowry


Kyle Lowry 2011 Evaluation. The first of a series of report cards for the 2011 Houston Rockets.


AL's Dream Links: The first edition

  A quick look at whats going on around the hoops world after the jump. 

David Thorpe LOVES Marcus Morris


Jonathan Feign discusses the Morris pick and includes a LONG rant from ESPN's David Thorpe about how highly he thinks of Marcus Morris. Long story short- Marcus played the 3 before college and moved to power forward only to accommodate Xavier Henry. Morris had the best ppr in the post of any college player last year so Thorpe thinks that he'll toast NBA small forwards there. ""I thought he was a top five or six talent as a three. I think he played three at Kansas, he would have been even better than he was. I think he’s got the size and strength to defend elite small forwards... I think Patrick Patterson was the steal of the draft last year and I think Marcus Morris has absolutely the potential to be the same, with toughness and rebounding, too."

Jonny Flynn Interview


Jonny Flynn Interview

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