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Hey, Sports Guy... you're On Notice, too!

For someone who claims to be a rather knowledgeable NBA fan... Bill Simmons can be amazingly stupid when it comes to basic basketball analysis. And yet he wants to be GM of the Bucks. Sure.(And...

"I wasn't born with enough middle fingers!!!"

Sorry to steal the title of this post from Marilyn Manson... but it is necessary because I couldn't say it better myself right now. I may have to write my own Irresponsible Hate Anthem soon....

This is bulls--t!!!!

ESPN.com listed their award winners for NBA things...Here's who the panel voted for in the Defensive Player of the Year category:Kevin Garnett.Hey, I'm cool with KG. I get it. His team won 65...

Tim Keown? You are On Notice!

Hey, Tim Keown... I usually like what you write. Usually.But after today - you are On Notice!No one (NO ONE!) disses Robert Horry like that and gets away with it here!!Now, Tim, go stand over in...

Shane Battier: Being kicked while he's down

The NBA released the names of the 2008 "All Defensive Team" this afternoon... as I anxiously awaited seeing Shane's name finally and deservedly included among the members of the First Team. So......

ESPN is On Notice

This is just.... wrong. A double-barreled middle finger to you, ESPN:You are all On Notice now!Hollinger picking Utah really hurts... he was the driver of our bandwagon for so long!

To hell with it - everyone is On Notice!

It wasn't enough that Ian Thomsen and SI.com started bashing the Rockets.No, the Sports Guy had to pile on, too (though, with flawed analysis).Even ESPN has their backhanded compliment of the week...

On Notice - Ian Thomsen, part II

So, SI.com had been writing glowing things about the Houston Rockets lately. Which, considering we had a 22-freakin'-game winning streak likely prohibited them from saying negative things about the...

On Notice - LeBron James??

Rockets v. Cavaliers tonight in Cleveland. 6pm CST(that's really early guys - I'm still going to be at work. Can we change this? No??)Oh, well - anyway, the Rockets are riding an 8 game winning...

Where's Waldo, um, I mean Bonzi?

Missing: Bonzi Wells, 31 y/o, 6 ft. 5 in. tall, approx. 210 lbs. (ed. - yeah, right!)Bonzi was supposedly in the starting lineup last night for Houston - but I didn't see him. In fact, I haven't...

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