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Mason Plumlee was supposed to be "one and done"


Quote: "Everyone knew Mason Plumlee wasn't coming back. His older brother, Miles, the Duke coaching staff, his close friends. It was a foregone conclusion prior to the start of last season. "That's what I had told everybody," he said." More ammo to use against those holier-than-thou types that say Coach K does it "the right way" and would never deign to spend his time on "one and done" mercenaries like Coach Cal. Bottom line: every coach takes the best talent they can get. Coach Cal takes two- or three-year guys like Eric Bledsoe and turns them into "one and done"s. Coach K takes a "one and done" guy like Plumlee and turns him into a four year player. Who's working in the players' best interests again?

Steve Kerr on NBA Age Minimum


Not all of his points are strong, but at least he focuses, correctly, on the business reasons that the NBA should raise the age minimum rather than resorting to bad arguments that blame the NCAA or the players.

NYT on Baylor's Perry Jones

Perry Jones’s father, Perry Jones Jr., is a mountain of a man — about seven inches shorter than his son but much wider. He has a gruff exterior but a sentimental core. As I sat with him and Terri in the living room of their small home in Lancaster, Tex., he told me how they first met on a playground basketball court when they were both in their late teens. He was shooting hoops at one end, and she was playing in a game with friends at the other. He had recently moved to Texas from a small town in Louisiana to find work. "I saw her, and I noticed how beautiful she was, so I went to talk with her," he recalled. "We had these coincidental things in common. Our names rhymed. We were both born on the 18th of a month. We even liked the same basketball team, the Detroit Pistons. Right away I felt like we were meant to be together."

Perry Ellis: Can't Miss NBA Prospect


Feature from the KC Star on Wichita's Perry Ellis.

Cincy Recruit Stephenson Takes Plea Deal


Once again, an illustration into what is wrong with college basketball and why I'm glad CBH, unlike Timmeh, doesn't bring these "amateur" players in. Sounds like U$C missed out on the perfect guy for their program: we could have nicknamed him OJ3. Oh well.

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