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In Defense of Tyreke Evans

On December 29th 2008, in a game against Cincinnati, then Memphis Tigers Head Coach John Calipari moved struggling shooting guard Tyreke Evans to point guard, unleashing Evans’ phenomenal talent...

(Official) San Antonio Spurs sign Nando de Colo

SAN ANTONIO (July 13, 2012) – The San Antonio Spurs today announced that they have signed guard Nando De Colo. The 25-year-old De Colo was selected by the Spurs with the 53rd overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. Per club policy, terms of the contract

Jacoby Davis (PG) becomes first commit of Rick Ray era

Point Guard Jacoby Davis becomes first commit of Rick Ray era at Mississippi State

Jason Kidd is One of Greatest, yet Still Underrated: A Fan's Perspective

Jason Kidd is viewed as one of the top point guards in league history but his play and accomplishments have not been fully appreciated. His versatililty, stats, and accolades cement him as one of the greatest players of alltime.

Scott Machado: A Point Guard With Vision, Even if He Needs Glasses

In December, dealing with dizziness, Machado went to see a neurologist and an ophthalmologist, both on the same day. To his relief, nothing appeared on the neurologist’s magnetic resonance imaging scan. But the eye doctor prescribed something new: glasses. Machado is mildly myopic. In order words, Machado, whose court vision has helped him become the nation’s leader with 10.0 assists a game, recently discovered he is nearsighted. "Wow, that’s actually pretty funny," Manhattan Coach Steve Masiello said. "The best point guard in the country couldn’t see. He sure doesn’t show it." http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/10/sports/ncaabasketball/iona-guard-scott-machado-passes-his-way-to-prominence.html?_r=1&hpw

Kyle Lowry Vs. Chris Paul

I've been reading this blog for the past four years. I thought it was about time I got myself an account. I'm a Rocket's fan living in Los Angeles, hoping that we'll beat an L.A. team at least...

Thoughts on the Lady Vol Loss to Virginia

The Lady Vols' Sunday loss to Virginia revealed a trove of information about this year's squad. We take a look at what the loss means and what to look for going forward.

Andre Miller vs. Raymond Felton: Who Is A Purer Point Guard?

Tom Ziller at SB Nation with a resurrection of a study of "pure point guard-ism" in the NBA. Put simply, he compares the number of assists produced by NBA point guards to the number of shots attempted. As we all know, Andre Miller is a PURE point guard. He can't shoot all that well, particularly from distance, and he's a great setup man (and the best alley-ooper in the league). He's gotta be right up there with Rondo and Kidd in pure point guard rating.. oh, what's that you say? He's middle-of-the-road in pure point rating, 53/100? Oh my. Well. What's that you also say? Reymond Felton is nearly identical in this pure point rating? Ohy my goodness, well won't the BEdgers be pleased!..maybe PS: For the record, I am not insisting that Felton is better than, a better fit than, or even a similar type of player to Miller. This is simply data to mull over. PPS: Cupcake consumption was not a part of this study. ed: bumped to front page

Sport Science: Brandon Knight

Sport Science: Brandon Knight

The troublesome assist: How significant is Bird's league-leading assist average?

Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird is leading the WNBA in assists, but that number alone is not what makes her the best point guard in the WNBA this season.

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