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A welcome back note for Tracy McGrady

Welcome back, T-Mac. Now, please introduce yourself to the painted area on the court. Please.

Kobe for T-Mac? Yeah, I'd do it.

Question posed today in the Sports Guy's ESPN chat session (a/k/a - ways other than porn to distract yourself from doing real work during business hours):________________peter (chicago, IL): bill,...

Game 18 - Bad title, worse game

The Rockets managed to lose on Saturday night to the Sacramento Kings, I wrote some notes while I was watching and planned on blogging about it right after the game. I didn’t, however, expect them...

"First one to fall down gets the call!"

Matt Bullard had the right idea. The only way to win tonight was to be the first player to fall down. Now, I know the Kings were on the wrong side of the worst officiated game of the last 20 years...

The excuses are starting already

It's not a good sign when you lose the first game in a 7 game series and the local columnists are already writing obituaries for the Rockets AND some of the players. Seriously, guys, it's all of...

State of the Union Address: Houston Rockets

Today, the morning of April 17, 2008, is a good day.We are officially in Playoff Mode. And the Houston Rockets are prime participants in this glorious adventure of basketball played at its highest...

Rockets/Clippers - the end of the road

The Rockets finish up a 5 game road swing tonight in Hollywood-land.So far the good guys are a disappointing 2-2 on this trip. A victory is much needed tonight to have a winning trip and also to...

Rockets/Hawks - the Best of Both Worlds!

Last night's game was not only our 20th (!?!?!!) win in a row... it was also the best of both worlds for me as I write today's recap. And no, I am not referring to Randal Graves' movie selections...

T-Mac has a selective memory

Sometime last week, I read in the Chronicle an article about Tracy McGrady being ready to answer the critics now that Yao is out. T-Mac gave Feigen all the right answers... and naturally the topic...

We are here to stay - that means PLAYOFFS!

Hey, Stephen A. Smith... up yours, buddy!On SportsCenter last night, they put SAS on camera. For some unknown reason. Anyway, they asked him about the Rockets and the Yao situation. Considering how...

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