Whimsical Posts

TDS as The Inbetweeners (UK)


A light hearted look at the writers of TDS since the Rockets finally get a break in their schedule.

Spirit Animals of The Rockets


Ralph Sampson revealed the spirit animals of the Houston Rockets in a DreamVisionThing.

Falling Out of Love With OKC


Its the End of The Affair between America and OKC.

The Dream Shake enters Year 6


November 2007 seems so long ago. Back in the before time -- before the Dream Shake existed as a venue for me to moan, cheer, complain about and support the Houston Rockets. Six seasons later, we...

VIDEO: Yao Ming Blocked A Bullet With His Hand


Sometimes, you'll see a cool commercial in which Yao Ming blocks bullets. And sometimes, you have to have some fun with those commercials.

If Patrick Patterson Were Your Rockets Head Coach, Kevin Martin Would Be Riding The Pine

So, if Patrick Patterson were coaching the Rockets, um, Kevin Martin will not be starting this year.

Kevin McHale Reportedly 'Threw A Fit' After Rockets Lost Goran Dragic


Kevin McHale likes it when his players are better. What a crazy guy.

The Best Twitter Reactions To Jeremy Lin's Big Move


The best reactions on Twitter (and YouTube) to Jeremy Lin's Big Apple exit.

I'm Getting Tired of 'Linsanity'


Like the hipster I am, I take the media to task for all this Lin nonsense.

I'm told there's this thing called "Twitter"


I created a Twitter account. This could be a worse idea than the Jump to Conclusions Mat. Or not.


A Memo to Chandler Parsons


Who let Chandler Parsons steal Robert Horry's #25? This is a travesty that much be corrected immediately. (And I like Chandler Parsons, which makes this all the more awkward.)

Yao Ming Puts The Hall Of Fame On Hold


Yao Ming reportedly says he's not ready for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Here's why: Yao Ming: "Hello?" Basketball Hall of Fame: "Mr. Yao Ming." Yao: "Yes." HoF: "Mr. Ming--" Yao: "Call me Yao." H...

Chase Budinger: Volleyball Player


Chase Budinger is joining the pro sand volleyball tourneys

We Interrupt This Lockout To Bring You Daryl Morey And A Giant Bunny Rabbit


Daryl Morey finds a new friend.

The NBA Lockout, The Dream Shake and You: Owners Vs. Players?


It's so bad right now here at The Dream Shake that I'M the one breaking the silence and writing.  Seriously, it has to get pretty bad for that to happen, right?  I mean, only OAL coming out of...

Daryl Morey Wants 2009? Let's Give Him 2009!


Daryl Morey's fantasy becomes a reality in this how-to guide for acquiring the 2009 lottery picks

We won't have Shaq's fat @$$ to kick around anymore


Shaquille O'Neal has finally reached the point where his talent cannot overcome his laziness and appetite. He has retired from the NBA after 19 seasons. And only one ring sans-Kobe.

Somebody Has A Birthday Today


GrungeDave turns I have no idea how old.

Where There Is No NBA Draft, There Is An NFL Draft


It's NFL Draft Time. Who is this year's Travis Johnson?

Dreamshake Staff To Interview for Rockets Head Coaching Job


Rockets expand coaching search to bloggers? (No, they don't.)

Marcus Cousin's long, strange trip back to Houston


I think this is how Marcus Cousin ended up signing with the Houston Rockets today. I could be wrong though. [hypothetical situation involving Marcus Cousin, Daryl Morey, Les Alexander, text...

The Houston Rockets as... characters from "Archer"


The Houston Rockets as... characters from the TV show "Archer". Enjoy.

Rockets @ Sacramento Dream Sequence


Rockets @ Sacramento Dream Sequence

Some random Rockets thoughts, baseless speculation, and jeering.


Some random Rockets thoughts, baseless speculation, and jeering.

A re-enactment of Aaron Brooks' departure


a graphical representation of why Aaron Brooks left the game early -- leading to his suspension tonight

Shane Battier And Carl Landry Help Celebrate The New Year


China/Battier? Sounds good to me.

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