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6 in a row? Ugh

I am far, far away from civilization or a working computer with a good database of images. I barely have access to ESPN until tomorrow...

how the (@&(#*& did the Rockets lose to the Heat? The f--king Miami Heat? Let me guess - Rafer is back to sucking?

I knew it - the bastard finally shoots over .500 for one game and he contracts the Charles Oakley disease. It's very contagious - it's when a player all of a sudden starts thinking he can make a shot (or 6) and then continues to shoot and miss. All because of one lucky game/shot. And Rafer caught the disease again. (His immune system is often prone to this...)

So, now we are staring at 6-7?!? And I thought it was bad enough that SMU lost yet another overtime game to fall to 1-11. Plus I was cold-decked playing cards at the casino this weekend. What a crappy Thanksgiving!!!

things I have learned:

Yao rules
Rafer still sucks
Shaq is still a Fat Ass
This blog may actually be a jinx.