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An Explosion of Awfulness Game 15

Today will mark the first installment of "An Explosion of Awfulness Game X". I'm going to try and put one of these together from each game that I can, but may combine a few games. These will be direct, or as direct as I can remember them, quotes about Rafer Alston. Most will be from the broadcast of the game (which was in fantastically awesome HD last night), but some will come from print media not as badassed as this blog, and even other will be my thougths during the game and maybe Dave's.

Here's a few from Game 15 against the Clippers, a game he actually played decently in. And there were more, I just started keeping track when I realized how much trash they were talking about him:
Rafer!…and it goes… out of bounds - Bill Worrell

Rafer’s wide open…and he misses - Bill Worrell

Everyone’s gotten hot here in the second half… expect for Rafer - Air Bullard

If you go by statistics, you have to leave him open, because he’s only hitting 22% from behind the line - Bill Worrell

Stop fucking shooting Rafer!!! - Lee

Fuck! Now he's going to think he's good - Lee

God, can I please have Calvin back? He would be making me laugh about how awful Rafer is - Lee

Of course, any offense will look a whole lot better with Rafer Alston at the controls.
Well, only if it's this Rafer. - Jonathan Feigen

That concludes the first edition. Here's hoping by Game 16 he will somehow be traded and this is the last edition...