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Kobe for T-Mac? Yeah, I'd do it.

Question posed today in the Sports Guy's ESPN chat session (a/k/a - ways other than porn to distract yourself from doing real work during business hours):

peter (chicago, IL): bill, what is your take on the kobe-lakers saga? who's side on you on? I don't believe you've ever addressed this.

Bill Simmons: (1:12 PM ET) I agree with Kobe in that the team is wasting his prime by pseudo-rebuilding with young players (Bynum, Farmar, Crittendon, Kwame, etc.), but at the same time, he wanted his own team and he never should have allowed them to give away Butler for Kwame, which was one of the five worst moves of this decade. From what I hear, Kobe has been allowed to okay EVERY major Laker move starting with the Shaq trade and they run everything by him. If he wanted to block Kwame-Butler, he could have. But he didn't. So it's his own fault.

Bill Simmons: (1:12 PM ET) I don't understand why Houston and LA can't just trade T-Mac for Kobe. What's the holdup? Make the trade already.

Sadly... I do not and cannot disagree here.
I would be the first person in line to buy a Kobe #24 (#8?) Rockets jersey.

at least this would prevent Kobe from putting up 50 on the Rockets nearly every time we play them. Now he could score 50 for us.