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Let's give it a shot! Rockets running game blog!

Tried this last night, but we had a delayed tip off. The Rockets are streaking and it's time to do a live blog of the Rockets versus Warriors. It's a horrible match up for the Rockets after a night of running in Phoenix and Stevie is sore apparently. Let's go:

Warriors up 2-0 on an easy basket and the Rockets take a stupid shot

Luckily Stephen Jackson threw up an equally dumb shot and of course Yao turns it over.

Baron Davis cuts down the middle absolutely using Towelie and gets the foul on McGrady
somehow. But he misses the free throw. Seriously the NBA sucks at the easiest of things
Fuckity fuck fuck fuck, Rafer just shot a three while being covered like a glove, that is no good.
Warriors up 6-0, not a good start. Good shot by Yao but he misses, turnover by the Warriors, for having a 6-0 lead I'm not impressed so far

Rockets are shooting terribly so far, tired legs

Baron Davis with a goal tend assist by Yao makes it 8-0. I love how Air Bullard always has to say what's allowed in international play like anyone cares.

Rafer just went and wasted points driving to the hoop, he gets fouled but is a horrible free throw shooter so only gets one. At least we're off the snide

Yao with the block!!

Rafer is shooting still, holy crap this is not good.

10-3 Warriors, and Rafer is still trying to shoot, all in all this is looking horrible so far.
And another fast break by the Warriors, but it's broken up by Rafer, so he's done one thing right so far

Dunk for GS, 12-3, TMac's legs and Yao's legs really seem fatigued. Not looking good.
What the hell??? You never call traveling when people actually do travel, yet there is a travel call on a beautiful spin by Yao-za??? That is awful

GS for 3...and it's good. 13 point lead now. This blog entry has not been nearly as fun as the one I wrote last night. It sucks that the genius that was that entry was only known to me. I'm a little sluggish tonight as well, I think my fingers are tired like the guys legs, I'll pull through, don't you worry about me!

And back from commercial, well, at least from fast forwarding from the commercial ;-)
Battier rattles in and out a three, at least the Warriors took a stupid shot


Easy fast break layup for Baron

We are something like 1-15 so far in this game

Mike James didn't play a ton of minutes last night, he is going to have to get in this game soon.
18-3 after a missed three and I just noticed Tracy got a haircut, lookin good big guy. Yao finally hits a basket and 3 seconds later GS for 2 more.

Scola could be huge in this game. 20-7 GS, at least we have two real possessions in a row, so we got that going for us which is nice.

ANOTHER fast break, 22-7, they are shooting 70+%

Rafer just shot a 30 foot jumper that actually looked like a real shot. The problem is that he shot it from 30 feet

Stevie in the game!! But for Yao? Guess we are going midget because this lineup is way past small

Alston actually made another nice play, I think I'll break the record for the use of the word actually tonight. Rafer will NOT break the record for nice plays. He won't even break my intramural record for that, and that's just sad.

The Mad Man Stephen Jackson goes right at the Rockets D and draws the foul. Hits 1 of 2 free throws. If we can hit ours tonight that might get us back in it. Down to a 9 point lead after a Tracy mid range jumper.

Steal by Stevie and the layup and the foul!!! Great play Steve. He does not have the moves he used to but he seems a LOT stronger than when he was younger. Misses the free throw though after hurting his ass bone

They just diagrammed a play I used with the 3rd and 4th grade team I coached, that's hilarious
McGrady brings it to seven with a sweet reverse layup, TO #3 by the Warriors

And Towelie tries to launch yet another three. He's pissed me off earlier than usual tonight. Why isn't Mike James in the game???

Thank the good Lord, Mike James comes in right after I ask for it.

Scola has a fantastic looking free throw shot. Of course he still missed 1 of 2, the Rockets are 2 of 5 from the line, so I guess they don't want that advantage I talked about earlier from the line
Tmac must have taken my blog entry about not driving seriously because he looks really happy to do so tonight

Scola fouled by Matt Barnes but it's not called, luckily we got the ball back

Yao with a rebound and put back to get it to 4!!!

Surprisingly it hasn't taken a ton of energy to get back in the game. The Warriors have to be the most fun awful team to watch though. They play an NBA version of street ball, and it's just fun. It's not good enough to finish more than 5-6 games over .500 though. And I bet most of there wins are against good teams. They seem to rise for those games

Great rebound by Scola and Steve hits the ground again. Not to Franchise, the D-Wade game should NOT be modeled after

And another missed free throw....

According to Air Bullard he keeps "grabbing his backside" but he does get the second free throw to bring it to 5 at the end of 1 after being down 15 at one point. I'll take that

DVRs rule, no waiting back to the game. I'm close to being caught up again though

Rockets start out with a terrible shot by Steve and then a turnover. 7 point lead but at least they got bailed out by an even more horrendous shot by Stephen Jackson. No one can tell me that that guy was not involved with Michael Vick, I absolutely guarantee it. He probably fights chickens too

Bonzi actually made a shot! Welcome back Bonzi!!

Mike James is not allowed to guard Baron Davis anymore, that is much like milk on a hot day, we immediately regret that decision. BTW Baron Davis is constantly overlooked, even by me, I forget he's there. He's a fantastic player and distributes the ball even better than he gets credit for.

Stevie for 3!!!!!!! 33-29 and Baron Davis shoots a bad ass shot, at least from my perspective as it was basically a turnover.

Back door cut my Mike James!! And then a steal by Stevie and Mike James with the finger roll!!! Yao with the block!!!! Tie game.

Yao makes it an 11-4 run and 28-11 overall with a jumper. No one on this team can guard him. he really should score 30 tonight but is probably a little too tired for that.

Timeout GS, Rockets 35 Golden State 33

Wow, a Kirk Snyder sighting!! I like it!!!

Bonzi to the basket but it's knocked away. Francis gets it back. I never really looked before but Bonzi really is built like the Sta-Puf Marshmallow man. I just hope no one conjures him up to terrorize NY one day. Oh ya, quick note, if someone asks you if you are a god, you say YES
Snyder to the basket and gets fouled. And now we are at 3-7 with ANOTHER miss. And 3-8 but we got the Rebound because it was such an awful shot

Apparently they thought an under the basket cam from the baseline was a good idea for that possession. They were wrong.

Bonzi gets fouled and holy shit, we hit a free throw!!! 4-9, but no such luck on free throw two, but again, so freaking terrible that we got the ball back! Francis for 2! Rockets by 3
We have 18 bench points to their 0, that sits well with me

Al Harrington ties it up from the ocean

Terrible, terrible possession, but Baron Davis bailed us out with his 3rd foul. Don Nelson wisely leaves him in the game. 5-12 now from the line!!! 6-13, one more and it's a streak!!!
Davis with a bomb from three to take a 3 point lead. TO Rockets. Glad we got that quickly, just need to regroup a bit.

Just saw a commercial for Guys Night Out, it's Dave's and my first game to attend of the season. We better beat the shizzle out of Memphis for that crap they pulled in Memphis. And I don't mean something unsportsmanlike, I just mean how dare them beat us, they suck!

Good Rockets hustle on the GS fast break, but they still kept the ball and are up 5 now
Luther head drives to the basket and kills a 10-2 run, 3 point lead by the Warriors, but no defense on the other end with a layup drill by Stephen Jackson

Harrington with another 3, 8 point GS lead. Damn, they are shooting 56%, that's amazing because their missed shots have been hilariously bad

The Kevin Durant commercial with the jerseys just came on and I love that he wears the Longhorns jersey the longest. Hook'em!!

Just talked about the rookie game, it is a travesty if Scola does not play. Of course I think they take just about everyone so he should

McGrady drives and is touched. Scola follows. TMac gets T which is completely stupid, he drew all of that contact and the guy jumped straight up. Get your head back in the game and stop giving up free shots

Now it's 11 again for the Warriors

Luckily it looks like Tracy is pissed, that does not bode well for the Warriors. Rockets down 7 now

Steal by Scola. Tech on Steven Jackson, it was equally as dumb for him to argue as it was for Tracy. It was really clean by Battier. I really cannot stand all the whining done in the NBA. What happened to the no tolerance rule

Wow, that's the fourth drive by Tracy, that makes me happy in my pants

He bricks another free throw, it has to be in his head. Though I just tried to see if I could see it in his eyes or body motion and I couldn't, so that was a good sign at least

It's a 9 point lead for the Warriors at half, that sucks, but it doesn't suck as bad as it could.
59-50 Warriors at the half.

Damn, I'm caught up on the DVR and have to watch about half of the halftime. Guess I'll go get some caffeine. Crap, I just realized this game won't end until past midnight and I have to wake my ass up at 5:30, I'm doing the dry wall at the new McDonald's (Actually my boss called a 7AM meeting, if I didn't actually like the guy I'd hate him)

Battery on the laptop almost out, need to plug in. That reminds me to save this though, we don't want a repeat of last night.

Alright, at least I'll have the first half blogged tonight!!

We're back from the break and Yao misses two layups in a row. Not a good start. He's 3-10 o the game. McGrady hits a 2 to continue his pissed off streak though. GS by 7

TMac locks down Stephen Jackson, and I've typed that out too much tonight, it's SJ from now on, even if he isn't the real SJ from StLouie.

We are now like 7-15 from the line, at least there were 3 made in a row there for about 4 seconds before the next "miss" I say miss in quotes because I can't paint a picture with words well enough to explain how poor that free throw was. It had literally no chance at going in.
Yao misses another. He is really off tonight. Damn you late back to back games against small teams!!

Battier is 0-3 and the Rockets are standing around the court just watching. I know you're tired, but show some heart guys!! You lost 5 in a row, you need to get those all back. This GS team is really not good, a 10 point lead means dick

The commercial breaks seem unusually short tonight, that is an excellent thing.
Right out of the TO the Warriors hit a 2 to move it to 13. And they actually hit both of their free throws to make it 15.

I know you're tired Yao-za, but I'm tired too, but I'm being a trooper. Do you think these fingers want to keep going? Hell no, but it's mind over matter big man.

Rafer with the "tear put" I could not hate that shot more, I'm not sure I have ever seen it go in, but I've definitely seen it be shot over 100 times.

Rockets down 15, time for a comeback. Let's get it to 7 by the fourth.

Not rebounding is not going to get you there.

Another fast break 17 points

And another 19 points, I used to like this Warriors team. Not so much now...

And I already have some Rafer Explosion of Awfulness Quotes. Not as many as you'd think with as bad as he is playing tonight. Finally Steve Francis is back.

38% from the field, that usually doesn't get it done.

And a touch foul in a 19 point game, really??

Even their misses are going right to them. That's going to make it hard to comeback. Shane Battier posting up and missing will make it even harder

Mike James for three, it's only 16 now!

Now I love Yao Ming, but he really has no business playing this many minutes tonight, he just doesn't have it right now. Let's keep playing the small lineup, that's how we got back in it the first time

Two missed free throws but the rebound falls back to them.

We really need to take advantage of all these poor decisions. Air ball by Mike James... Sweet, we actually got a second chance point!! And that's Baron Davis's 4th foul. And Yao took the charge! That was hilarious!!!

Yao for 2 on the assist from Stevie!! 12 points now

Baron draws the foul on Battier, his fourth. Davis misses one of them

McGrady shoots an ill advised 3, but we get the steal. Stevie bowls over Monta Ellis but gets a terrible foul call on him. I hate that semi-circle even when it helps us. We've missed 10 free throws tonight, it's like we got shaq-itis, make that 11...

Steve is 1-5 from the line, that's not going to cut it. 9-20 for the team, we don't deserve to win this game.

Yao turns it over, I'm not sure on back to back nights that this high post game is a good idea.
McGrady and Battier don't block out and Battier gets called for a foul, that was Busch league...
Mike James gets his 9th point to cut it to 14.

Of course Al Harrington hits another three, this time from Hawaii

Just an asinine pass by Stevie trying to create something, that was ugly

Mike James for his 11th, why hasn't he been playing more? He's the only guy with fresh legs besides Kirk Snyder

I think the referee just tried to get TMac to get himself thrown out of the game, he just called a completely phantom offensive foul. TMac had his back to the guy and there was no contact on a pass to him. What the fuck was that about??

At least Yao can hit free throws, he hits them both. Only 10 points for him tonight.
Tracy is pissed and talking to another ref, I'm pretty sure he's asking why that guy wants him to get thrown out of the game. That really was crazy. I hate NBA refs more than any others. You are NOT the stars, just call the game. Maybe if you did that less whining would happen.
Start of the fourth and Baron Davis with his 22nd point on a circus shot

Mike James with 13. We can't trade shots at this point though, 15 point lead

This game is the awful free throw clinic, I'm ecstatic that kids are asleep in Texas and can't see this.

Franchise with the block and the save!!!! Snyder for 2 and the foul!! Wow he hit a free throw too!!

I'm going to get excited about every made shot by the Rockets, there just haven't been that many this half.

Mike James with 15, but we just used a an entire 24 second clock to do it. Isn't this offense supposed to be more quick hitting?

I'm chalking this game completely up to last nights loss. When we play these guys at home and not on a back to back we are going to beat them by 20.

13 point lead, lets get out of this timeout without a quick GS made basket, let's just start there.
We need to get this down to 7 here in 3 minutes. And they missed two shots!!

Stevie to the basket and no foul called. Another cut by the Warriors. That was just awful by the Rockets. 15 point lead

Why are we running clock? We're down two touchdowns and extra point and a 2 point conversion, start trying to draw fouls!! Stop the clock

Maybe the Coach Norman Dale lookalike needs to play 2 or 3 guys and rest the others. "This is my team"

19 point lead. Why am I still up and watching? Because I'm commited. Or is that I need to be commited? Who knows? No. seriously, who knows?

The UNICEF commercial is on. They don't let Yao speak, what's up with that? He speaks better English than everyone on that commercial but Brand and Nash. Hell even the Cookie Monster gets a speaking part. Who want's to sex Mutumbo... I mean help Mutumbo?

Yao's back in the game, and Air Bullard doens't know why. I don't either. It's a 19 point lead, why risk a tired Yao??? He's not playing well and he's dead legged. I just don't get it.
Okay, he's out again, let's hope that's for the rest of the game.

Down to 18!! Let's go on a run just to F with them. At least let's play some D for teh third time tonight.

We just missed the 45th layup we've had tonight. Golden State on the othehr hand has about 48 points in the paint, that's ridiculous.

11 points for TMac and he's done, 10 for Yao, this game is an anomaly.

Francis fouls out, Alright boys and girls on that note it's time to call it a night. I know I'm a jackass for this, but it's 11:45 and I'm done. If the Rockets somehow pull this out, you can thank me for turning it off.