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on the path to .500?

Big game tonight. Rockets host the Mavericks and their nazi-poster boy (blonde hair, blue eyes...) reigning MVP.

If at any point I see the Rockets leading 88-82 in the 4th quarter, I'm going to have flashbacks to 2004 - and I might never recover. Then again, I can always pray for this to happen again:

Or is it bad form to pray for injuries? Does it count if you ask for an opposing player to get hurt? I think I need a judge's ruling here. And since I've been praying (unsuccessfully) for Emmitt Smith to get hurt since the early 1990s - can I carry over those prayers to the other Dallas team?? There's gotta be a loophole allowing for this, right?

Check that. I already have bad enough karma. And I don't rock the cool 'stache like Earl Hickey. So let's just move along...

The Rockets started 6-1. They have now regressed to 6-5. With Dallas coming into town. Dallas gave us our first loss. Or rather, Jason Terry did. It's time to exact a modest level of revenge. Or at least preserve some form of regular season dignity.

Maybe Yao just needs to "Go America All Over Everybody's Ass" tonight...

(or would the Chinese government not allow this?)

Screw it - Go Rockets! 7-5 here we come!