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We have liftoff

I’ve always fancied myself as a writer who is too lazy to write. Truth be told, I’m probably just like everyone else; I bet I blow as a writer. But what the hell, let’s find out just how much I am to writing as Heather Harmon is to the skin flute:

When I was just a wee little guy my mother introduced me to sports (That’s right I jumped straight from porn to my Mom, I do not have issues I swear). She was a pretty big sports fan, though over time her interest has waned from what it used to be. I think it has something to do with my step-dad not being with us any more so she immerses herself in other things. Ultimately though, she’s the reason I even cared when he came along and why I still care after he’s passed on.

Now my step-dad was a HUGE sports fan, and the Rockets were the team he followed the closest Before he and my mother married, the Houston Oilers were my number one love. He had pretty much stopped watching the Oilers after years of heartache. We joked about it, but I honestly think he felt he jinxed them into losing, much like he felt he jinxed the Rockets a few times. All of my unhealthy superstitions are rooted in him. (Thanks a lot for that by the way Dad!) His Rockets passion slowly played its way out to me becoming a fanatic of the Rockets. I wanted to please him so much that I memorized stats, and studied the games. I wanted to be able to talk about basketball with him, and I learned a lot from it. From 1990 to 1998 I probably missed a total of 8 minutes of all Rockets games that were televised. I used to tape them and watch them later, I was nuts about it. I jumped through many hoops just not to hear the score of a game I taped, starting conversations with "I don’t know if you are a Rockets fan, but do not tell me the score"; it was a sickness (a sickness I loved by the way). Deciding I should graduate from college and the Rockets starting to digress took its toll and I slowly lost the zeal to watch every minute of every game, eventually it got to the point three years ago where I watched about 15 games and sometimes forgot to check the box scores or even remember that the Rockets played the night before. That's just not right, what happened to that sickness? Was I just outgrowing the NBA? Was I just too busy to care? Or did I just forget how much I liked it?

When the 2004-5 playoffs started I decided to immerse my self completely again. I was back in Houston from Austin (Hook’em) and the Rockets were back in my life. My co-contributor and I bought tickets to the playoffs and watched the Rockets repeatedly get stuck on 88 points at home as the Mavericks pulled out a series that the Rockets dominated in parts. I planned on completing my re-emersion the next season, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Before the season even started I got the news that my girlfriend was pregnant. The subsequent wedding and my kick ass son being born killed the best laid plans… I decided once and for all that I need the Rockets back in my life. I need to teach my son about Hakeem, Big Shot Rob, Vernon, and Clyde. And I need to know what the future of the Rockets is to teach him about where they are going. So finally I’m back, and what better way to celebrate that than to chronicle my path back as a Rockets fan.

Now that you know a bit about me, here’s what to expect with this blog. Personally, I expect a lot of cuss words and as foul mouthed as I am, I bet more come from Dave than me, I’ll try and limit them, but if Rafer shoots like the piece of shit he is, I’m going to say he’s fucking killing me, that’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t expect full game recaps; we have lives and demanding jobs. That’s not to say that people that recap games don’t, but they are freaks of nature and we simply will not have the time for that. That being said, I would expect something said about every game and some analysis as to why Dave and I think the Rockets won or (hopefully a LOT less often) lost. I would expect some healthy debate over the use/lack there of of Steve Francis (Dave’s wrong by the way). I wouldn’t expect only Rockets talk; I would expect mostly Rockets talk though. I would expect this blog to be funny; I wouldn’t expect you to like every joke. I’m sure there’s more but I’ve gone on long enough. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite moments of all time, Hakeem using Robinson like the second tier center he was.

Oh ya, and Rafer sucks, a lot, even more than Derek Chievous and Buck Johnson,and that's just sad