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Awesome, yet completely random statistic

The most recent NBA All-Star ballots have Yao and Tracy McGrady set to be starters again. This is not a surprise, nor is it really news.

*This* is the news and the basis for this short post:

Western Conference Voting


Carmelo Anthony, Denver, 767,722; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 722,059; Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, 686,853; Carlos Boozer, Utah, 281,299; Josh Howard, Dallas, 251,756; Shawn Marion, Phoenix, 240,752; Shane Battier, Houston, 227,112; Luis Scola, Houston, 222,896; Kevin Durant, Seattle, 191,542; Grant Hill, Phoenix, 152,898.

Read that again.........

Luis Scola has over 30,000 more votes than Kevin freakin' Durant!

giggity, giggity!