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Explosion of Awfulness Game 19

You know what's really sad? Before the game I said out loud to a few people that I was going to try and cheer for Towelie against Memphis, see if that positive karma helped. Then he shot his first three of the night and it hit the right outside of the square and never touched the rim and that's all she wrote. I couldn't do it, he is really that awful.

Here are a few things I said or overheard at the game

Nice D Rafer, God you suck! -Overheard at the game as Damon Stoudamire went right by him for a lay-up, and that was by a man in his early 60s

Can you T him up and get him out of the game? Please? For me?? - Me, when he was arguing a foul that, to be fair, wasn't a foul

Come on man, he’s pretty good.
Ummm, no, no he’s not – Random guys behind us as the guy saying he sucks was cussing at Rafer from the upper deck

Box out Yao, cause it’s coming off the rim – Dave before the ball even left Rafer’s hands. Yao stuffed the ball, that hit only the backboard, down for two. Maybe it was a pass…

Nice hands Rafer! – A lady a section over screamed as Rafer just let a ball go that hit him in both hands.

You blew it! - Me when he missed an open three in the third that would have put us up 15 (I think)

Oh my God you’re bad! - Me, on a "defensive" play where the Grizzlies got another layup