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I can't tell if this is big or not

The Rockets "won" last night, but it's one of those times that a win is really just the other teams loss. At one point in time we were 1-15 from the line, including two Yao misses. That's sad, and hurts my co-writer Dave badly. How can proffesional players not shoot free throws? No one is guarding you and worst of all it's at home and no one was making noise. McGrady had this laughable comment:
"And the fans definitely don't make it easy on you. Every time you miss, [they say], 'Awwww!' 'Awwww!' That's the worst thing you can do to a player -- especially at home."

To which I say, Fuck you Tracy, you get paid because those fans buy tickets to see you NOT MISS FREE THROWS! Don't miss, problem fixed. Your skin cannot be that thin, it just can't. You've been playing in the NBA way too long for that. Seriously, stop being a wuss.

All in all though, it could be a huge win, the Rockets won in spite of themselves, sometimes that helps in the long run, to know you can win a game you completely sucked in.