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I take this as a personal insult!

So, I'm at the bar defending the honor of the Houston Rockets in the presence of a friend of mine who just happens to be a Pistons fan. What do I get for my loyalty? A 94-82 beatdown by an inferior Eastern Conference team. Thanks. And Merry Christmas.

Why do I defend you guys? All you've done is disappoint me this year.

Tracy goes out in the 2nd half with a mysterious back injury... again.
Yao goes out after needing stiches to close a cut on his face.
(yeah, so Tracy would actually have to stick his head in the action to get that kind of injury, so I am making a distinction here as best I can.)

By my count, that's now three times that Tracy has been "injured" in the second half of lopsided losses. Not that I'm declaring shenanigans here (okay, so fuck it, that's exactly what I'm doing!), but Tracy - you need to stop being a wuss. Yao gets beat the fuck up every night and plays through. Meanwhile, McGrady has V.I.P. reservations in the visiting trainer's room every night it seems.

Nope, there is clearly nothing to see here... move along. Fuck!

Quit losing to teams that are not as good as you!!!!!!

Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.

Yes, I'm posting the gifts I am giving each of you sometime tomorrow. And no, none of you fuckers is getting an iPod.

Get above .500 and my attitude *might* change.