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Live from the Texans game!

Today I brought the blackberry to the Texans game just to show my Rockets loyalty. Even here I'm thinking Rockets, but it sure would be nice to finish the season 8-8 and continue our dominance of the Jaguars. Or at least the previous dominance prior to the game earlier this season. Anyway, this is a (the?) Rockets blog.

The Rockets did what they had to to win last night and it was exactly what Dave and I have been begging for all season. Play as a team mofos! And that is what they did. Make the extra pass, run the offense through Yao, get Aaron Brooks some meaningful minutes and hit your open looks. Seems pretty simple right? Well they made it look simple last night, outlasting every run the Raptors minus TJ Ford (and yes I still love me some TJ, final four TJ bitches) had and finishing them off at the end. They looked like a complete team and that was without the likely starting 2 guard for the Western Conference All Star team.

Now, what do we do when Tracy comes back from his sabbatical? I'm hoping he sees that they can play well without him finally and that he needs to be part of the team and not be the whole team by himself. I miss the McGrady that destroyed people that doubled him by finding the open cutter or three point shooter. The problem is you don't get doubled when you are 3 feet behind the arc, you get doubled when you drive, and it's a two fold advantage, get your guys open looks for dunks and layups and then the other team stops doubling as aggressively and you can destroy them yourself.

So, let's go Rockets, we owe Golden State a butt kicking, and as a team it can be done! And Tracy, when you get back, I want to see your new team attitude.

And while we're at it, it's 22 minutes before the Jacksonville beat down starts! Let's go Texans!

And hell, let's go Astros too!