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People That Piss Me Off (Week... the Holiday edition!)

It's four days until Christmas. I don't want to be seen as Scrooge. Or the Grinch. Or a pagan.

Of course, with the Rockets playing like a NBDL team last night and losing for the 5th time in 6 games (in overtime! by 1 point!)... it's making it very hard to remain positive. Did we seriously just let Carmelo Anthony get 16 rebounds!?!? Well, chucking 34 three-pointers and missing 22 of them might be one of the reasons.

Ahhhh... trying to remain positive here. Without further ado - the People That Piss Me Off this week:

1. [empty]

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

(I will leave you with a funny picture - something tells me Rafer wouldn't have much of a chance in this fight)